Warrior: Family is Worth Fighting For

How captivating and entertaining can a film about Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) really be? Well, employees at BlueGrace went to see the movie Warrior for themselves thanks to Randy Harris at the local sports talk radio station Knockout Radio! Read below for the comments and reviews of Warrior… Perhaps you’ll want to add this to your weekend plans.

“Not just for the MMA fan. This was a great movie of the true struggle of raising a family in these times, and the real struggles we face.  I can’t wait to take my sons to go see this movie. Many hidden lessons.  I am a huge Rocky fan with movie posters in my Man Cave. This is truly a modern day Rocky but more deep.  Looking forward to adding this movie poster to my collection.”
Steven Hicks
National Account Manager

“My son and I give Warrior a Big Thumbs Up! It was a mixture of everything – drama, light moments, family relationships, determination, winning attitude. It did an awesome job portraying the guts and grit behind an MMA fighter. Definitely plan on purchasing when released on DVD.”
Michelle McCormick
Accounts Receivable Associate

“Warrior is a definite must-see—a film enjoyable to those who follow UFC, or even those who are looking for a good fighting flick.  Once the movie settles in, and you get a feel for who is playing what part, the end is unfortunately mildly predictable.  However, the producers did such an incredible job in making sure that fight scenes were both real and original, that it took your mind off of how the movie was going to end, and forced you to focus on what could possibly happen next.  It’s a great film about UFC, but also about the strength in both brotherhood and reparation of broken families.  Will definitely see it again—loved it!!!”
Jamie Kaplan
Customer Loyalty Team – Diamond Desk

“The warrior is my new Rocky!!! It was great!!!!”
Juan C. Ortiz
Manager, Customer Loyalty Team

“Phenomenal movie with an intense storyline. Very moving and the acting was definitely Oscar-worthy. Cannot wait to buy the movie on DVD.”
Whitney McKay
Personal Assistant to CEO

Go see for yourself on September 9 in a theater near you and share your reviews with us at BlueGrace Logistics!