Top 10.5 Reasons Why Jeffrey Gitomer is a Sales Sellout

As a Sales Trainer, Sales Manager and successful Career Sales Professional, I have always been a fan of Jeffrey Gitomer. Although a little goofy at times, I have always subscribed to and practiced his sales strategies and found sales to be fun. I do respect anyone who can understand and adapt to a change in the landscape, but I just cannot get on board with a complete 180 of someone’s principles. I have tweeted, “If you are using social media instead of cold calling, you’re lazy. If you’re not using social media as well as cold calling, you’re stupid.” But it’s not like he said that he understands the new paradigm and that we must adapt to succeed – no, he completely abandoned everything he’s been writing about for years! Will I get a refund for those books? No – he wants us to buy the new ones he wrote after he woke up one day and realized the internet isn’t going anywhere. So, here are:

Top 10.5 Reasons Why Jeffrey Gitomer is a Sales Sellout

1. His new book, “Social BOOM!” reads a little like Homer Simpson claiming he was the King of the Internet, yet didn’t own a computer… or like Al Gore claiming he invented the internet. He is late to the party and trying to make us think he’s throwing it!

2. His Twitter feed reads like the used book list on

3. His Twitter feed looks like the revolving advertising panel during a Major League Baseball game – only it’s always advertising him!

4. If you “Tweet, therefore you are,” than you may not be much… 795 (as of 9/28/11) self-promoting tweets and none of them directly reaching out to your followers.

5. “Don’t worry about what other people are doing. Lead the way! #JGWebinar ” (Gitomer) A little late, Jeff.

6. At a “Leadership Event” hosted by Jeffrey Gitomer (author of “The Sales Bible”), Gitomer stood in the crowd and said, “Cold Calling is a waste of time,” yet his CD on “Cold Calling” sits for sale in the back of the room… and it’s not even discounted. I am anxious to read his book on “egregious flip-flopping.”

7. Section 3.2 (about 17 pgs) of the “Sales Bible” are dedicated to cold calling in sales referring to them as “popular,” “important,” and “fun.” Where is the section on pandering?

8. He says that “salespeople from legitimate businesses believe that the ‘No soliciting’ sign is not aimed at them…” Does that mean your business is no longer legitimate?

9. If “every NO gets you closer to a YES,” how many ignored Direct Messages do you need to get a YES?

10. He claims you will get 100% of your calls returned if, “You call them up on the phone. Leave half a message, pretend like you have been cut off and hang up.” He goes on to give the call script, “Hello this is Jeffrey. 704-333-eleven-twelve. I was speaking with a couple of your biggest competitors yesterday. They were talking about you, and they said … and you hang up.” Supposedly the prospect will be so curious to hear the rest of your message that he will call back. Does that mean you just trail off your message on twitter or lin……..

10.5 7.5 rules to follow on a cold call include “smile when you talk” and to “…get an appointment…persist until you get it.” Which emoticons do you use in twitter to show your smile? :)

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-Nick Klingensmith, Director of Sales and Personnel Development
  Twitter: TheBGexperience