Social Responsibility: How Creative Can You Be?

Although the “going green” hype has seemed to quiet, I came across an article on that mentioned the use of shipping containers for homes, portable stores, and even skyscrapers. Now that is a bright and useful idea!  Of course, not just any one can find a shipping container and “Wah-Lah! Here’s my house!”  However, take note of the bigger meaning – it is important to think of and utilize our goods in all ways possible so that we are getting the biggest bang for our buck while preserving the planet at the same time. It’s a win-win for all

I think we can all agree that this year is already flying by and time is precious. Each day is valuable and presents opportunities that just can’t be passed up.  There is always room for improvement and although the “going green” message is not as popular or in-our-face as it has been, we should each take the initiative and attempt to make our steps a little greener

In application to business, I believe that companies in general can apply the message learned from this innovative movement to its products and services offered. Growth of a company is supported and encouraged by making wise use of all resources and providing the best solutions in the industry of focus.  Here at BlueGrace Logistics, we encourage going paperless in your supply chain by utilizing our technology, BlueShip™.  How simple!  We also have an optimization tool called “Mojo” that allows companies to reduce their carbon footprint using mode optimization to eliminate excess miles when shipping their products.  Hopefully in the future, companies become more socially responsible as there is an increased awareness of the impact they have on our environment. So the question is, how creative can you be?  What simple change can your business commit to in the new year, which benefits the Earth and generations to come? 

Make your space green with these tips!
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– Samantha Hill, Operations Support Associate
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