Q&A with Becky Puterbaugh, Franchise Owner of BlueGrace Williamsburg

This month our featured franchise Q&A is with Becky Puterbaugh, Franchise Owner of BlueGrace Williamsburg.

Becky Puterbaugh Salavejus, Franchise Owner of BlueGrace Williamsburg.
Becky Puterbaugh Salavejus, Franchise Owner of BlueGrace Williamsburg

 Q: How you have helped other women?
We are an equal opportunity employer with 50% of our team members being women. We rec-ognize the value and special skills strong women bring to our fran-chise. Work-Life balance is a key pillar to the culture of our fran-chise. Since several of our team members are single mothers flex time has been a valued benefit. This allows them to take care of their families when needed and keeps them focused on our clients and tasks when in the office.

Q: What are some challenges you have faced as a business owner?
The biggest challenge has been implementing companywide systems and processes and build-ing a winning culture. Since the Double Up conference we have amerced ourselves in the Daly principles by developing key people for key spots and holding them accountable through indi-vidual goals. Another challenge has been managing our growth. Since the beginning, we have reinvested our time and finance back into the company. This re-invest has attributed to the suc-cess of our franchise.

Q: What do you do to keep yourself motivated at the office?
Running a business is very stress-ful and overwhelming. Fortunate-ly, I am able to retreat to my farm and recharge my batteries. There is just something about feeding a baby calf his bottle or watching a flock of turkeys grazing in the field that gives me peace. If I am stressed then I know my employ-ees can be stressed as well. In an effort to relieve stress and build a family atmosphere we plan events that allows us to unwind together. This year we scheduled company outings at a local baseball and amusement parks.

Q: What you like best about owning your business?
The best thing about owning my own business is the flexibility in time. As most business owners will say, they work 24/7 and that is true… we are always on the clock! Fortunately my husband and I share in many of the respon-sibilities and can give each other the time that is required outside of the business. With two teenagers at home and a farm to run, it is essential to spread out our time.

Q: How you have been successful this far and your goal for your second franchise location?
Success has come with persistence, encouragement and playing an active role in the business. Both Tim and I work directly with our employees, not separated by walls or a door. We re-invest into the company and realize our greatest commodity is our people. Having a second franchise location will open more doors for opportunity and new customers to serve. Our goal is to double our revenue and staff.

Q: Do you encourage more women to become business owners?
As a business owner myself, I encourage any woman who is thinking about becoming a business owner. If she has the passion and resources, it can be very fulfilling and empowering.


Becky Puterbaugh Salavejus is a member of the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO) in Richmond, Virginia. This year, she was listed as an Altria Rising Star Finalist.


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