Preparing For A Championship? A Connection Between Football and Logistics!

Take a deep breath everyone, football season is almost here! As you read this article, teams all over the country at the professional and college level are preparing for their upcoming seasons.  Your favorite teams are doing everything they can to fine tune their roster, perfect game plans, and train hard to set themselves apart from their competition. This intense preparation and rigid self analysis can teach us a lesson in business as well. In extremely competitive environments, how does one company stack up to another? What sets you and your business apart? What can you do to become a champion in your industry?

First, you must know your own company’s strengths. What is it that you can do that no one else can or can do better than anyone else? What does your brand look like and how well do you serve your customer base? Lean against these tough questions when facing tough competition, and be honest to yourself. Next, you need to be doing industry research to know your competition and keep up with critical trends like communicating with customers via social media (Check us out on TwitterFacebookLinkedIn). On the field, or during a sale, knowing your competition’s strengths and weaknesses could make all the difference. For example, BlueGrace takes another sport that we love (MMA) and uses that to reach our customers on another level (i.e. Carlos Condit, UFC Interim Champ truckload campaign “The Champ Has Your Truckloads Covered“).

Regarding your customers, are you meeting or exceeding their expectations? Customers that are just having their needs met, might seem fine, but at the same time might be looking for something more. And believe me when I say there are plenty of companies out there looking to give them more- regardless of the industry you’re in and what you do. So ask yourself, what are you doing to exceed customer expectations on a daily basis? How do you make their jobs/lives easier? Thinking about this concept might help give you the edge in keeping and capturing new business. At BlueGrace, our customers and their needs are always the top priority of every decision we make from marketing, to sales, customer loyalty and even behind the scenes we ask “How are we making a difference today?” .

Lastly, how efficient are the operations within your organization? Are you streamlining as much as you possibly can to keep costs down? Are you using technology to the best of your ability to maximize spending and reduce overall costs to get the most out of your supply chain? A combination of all the above are critical to success and BlueGrace can help (at least with your supply chain). We know the do’s and don’ts in transportation and can effectively manage these processes for you. In 99.99% of all cases, being a champion means working as a team with a trusted group of individuals who all benefit from one another to make progress. In football, the last team standing is usually a well rounded group that’s truly understands the concept of being a team.  Take some time to think about tasks that would benefit partnering with a third party vendor who will take the time to learn your business.

Overall, the incorporation of sports into your company culture is a great way to connect and engage your employees. Happy employees are more productive and, in result, your organization can strengthen and grow. At BlueGrace Logistics, we promote healthy active lifestyles and spark some friendly office competition!  Always remember, company culture matters!

Whether on the field or in the business world how do you set yourself apart? Check out BlueGrace Logistics and see how we set ourselves apart from others in the transportation logistics industry!