Management Training

This month, the BlueGrace Training department launched the first ever management training program. The training course is set to take place bi-annually and is geared for BlueGrace Front Line Managers at both the corporate and franchise locations.

I had the opportunity of attending this training and was able to see and participate in the activities first-hand. The training took place over a course of 2 days (September 3rd and 4th) and focused on the several aspects of management. The training sessions were held by BlueGrace’s very own trainer, Patrick Wheeler and was located in the new training room at BlueGrace headquarters.

On day 1, the class reviewed personalities in the workplace and different management styles. It was clear the purpose of day 1 was to bring awareness to different communication styles that exist in the workplace. It was fun to assess your own personality traits and how they may or may not affect those around you… or those you manage.

Additionally, the content of day 1 included tips on how to better manage your employees, help them grow and develop into roles within the company and identifying the strengths and weaknesses of you and your teams.

What I found interesting is that as BlueGrace continues to grow, managers will benefit from this training course because they will be faced with new scenarios and personalities that reflect the current state of the company.

The course was overall interactive, from reviewing the contents of slides, watching informative videos and completing assessments (day 2). Pat-rick Wheeler overall was very helpful in consistently engaging the members of the course. One interesting feature of the course was the emphasis on culture and community. While we continuously find ways to increase employee happiness and provide a home-away-from home atmosphere for our employees we try to keep a healthy balance of work and fun. Front line managers are here to coordinate workflow, know how to address issues as they arise, in-form and educate employees about the various programs and functions available to employees.

This isn’t an easy task, but a necessary one. It requires a tremendous amount of organizational skills in action to ensure the development and happiness of employees remains at an all time high. The training covered these topics and clearly reflected the way in which our top-down approach fosters a healthy, compatible work-place with excellent managers on the front end. Each manager had the opportunity to share their BlueGrace story, and learn how to create environments which allowed employees to have their own #BGExperience.

“It was exciting to launch our first semi annual management training. The managers really had a chance to connect and collaborate gaining several new ideas to implement within each of their departments. The fact that we noticed managers executing objectives before the week was even over was beyond gratifying! Looking forward to the next training in Q2 of 2015,” says Vanessa Castillo, Director of Training and Business Development of BlueGrace Logistics on the completion of BlueGrace’s first-ever management course.

Patrick Wheeler, who conducted the course used a variety of training practices which included role-playing to assist managers in applying example to real-life scenarios.

Overall the training gets 5 stars for the effort, execution and engagement.

For more information on Training Sessions available, please visit the Vault or email [email protected]