In The Know: top freight shipping terms everyone should know

Shipping and Logistics Terms You Should Know

Want to know what everyone is talking about? Here are some terms in the freight business to get you up to speed:

Agent – Someone who conducts business for another person and/or company with some or all decision-making authority.

Axle Load – The weight limit allowed for each axle over the nation’s highways.

Bill of Lading (BOL) – The contract between the shipper and the carrier, broker or agent that binds the parties together. It also includes all arrangements pertaining to cargo, recipients, and more.

Bulk Freight – Commodity cargo that is transported unpackaged in large quantities. It refers to material in either liquid or granular, particulate form, as a mass of relatively small solids, such as petroleum, grain, coal, or gravel.

Carrier – A person or company who transports freight for a fee.

Concealed Loss – When the recipient of a package is not able to see damage to the item(s) until the package is opened. The damage was not visible at the time of delivery.

Embargo – Any event that prevents the freight from being accepted or handled. This includes natural disasters and traffic obstacles.

Exceptions – Any conflict noted on the delivery sheet before it is signed to indicate there was an issue with the shipment.

Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) – The total weight of the transport and its cargo.

Tariff – Institutes the cost and contract of freight shipment for the shipper and carrier.

Time-Definite – Guarantee the delivery will occur on a specific day and/or time.