Extreme Logistics for Humanity, The Greatest Organization Ever?

As the President and CEO of BlueGrace Logistics I am naturally biased when asked who’s the best logistics provider in the market. BlueGrace prides itself on having extraordinary capabilities, intellect and drive to outperform our peers. However, when posed with that question one must consider the word “logistics” and in that frame of reference, there is clearly an all-time greatest. The WFP (World Food Programme), an agency for the United Nations runs the most vital logistics organization in the world and is the world’s largest humanitarian agency delivering over 5 million metric tons of food to 95 million people. 

The WFP coordinates the movement of 60 aircraft, 40 ships and 5,000 trucks on any given day and considering the precious cargo they cannot let obstacles stand in the way. The challenges they face aren’t issues like high fuel prices and interstate detours in delivering the goods but rather trying to deliver to places with no roads, remote areas, war torn and ravaged countries. They may use a helicopter to drop cargo or even a team of elephants or donkeys to get food to starving people. Over a billion people are living with hunger and many of these are children. Last year alone over 6.5 million children under the age of 5 died from malnutrition and hunger-related diseases. These statistics make the cases of using “extreme-logistics” a daily occurrence at the WFP.

For so many, logistics is right next to water, air, clothing and shelter as to what it takes to live. Consider the fact there is actually enough food to feed every man, woman and child on the planet and the natural question becomes, “Why are so many suffering from starvation?”. At the core of this is logistics, which enables the WFP to send extra capacity to areas that have less than adequate resources to feed the malnourished masses.  The challenges of doing this in a coordinated way across the globe so that the food can be moved cost effectively, safely, intact and in the precise amount needed is a greater problem than I can comprehend. There is no doubt that hunger is the greatest challenge in the world, the daunting task of tackling this is something the WFP takes on everyday. To run such a diverse and critical logistics operation so effectively makes them more than the best logistics provider in the world; it makes them the most important organization in the world.

So when asked who’s the best in any area one must consider, not only about what you do, but why you do it and for whom? Those questions are why I feel so strongly about the WFP’s mission. Most anyone reading this blog is among the blessed that have sufficient food for them and their family. It’s my hope we never forget the horror or the tremendous pain of another human in hunger. While we keep that thought remember the positive in that WFP provided relief for 95 million people last year. If you would like to learn more about the WFP or even better yet donate to the WFP, you can go to www.wfp.org

Bobby Harris, President and CEO
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