Change or Die

“Change or Die.” By change I mean innovate, because innovation is a key component to any successful business that is able to separate itself from competition. Who was the first automotive company to manufacture hybrid cars? If you guessed Toyota, guess again. Honda was the first automotive company to manufacture hybrid cars. Don’t worry, 90% of people guess this wrong. Why is Honda’s line of hybrid cars not nearly as successful as Toyota’s? It’s simple. Honda lacked innovation! They refused to embrace change and added hybrid editions to their existing car lines. Toyota chose to innovate. They embraced change and created the Prius line, an exclusive line of hybrid vehicles ranging from minivans to sports cars.

In life and business innovation is an ongoing cycle, it’s all around us. New concepts and ideas should be embraced, not feared. We must maintain an “all or nothing” mentality if we want to be the best. So which will you chose, change or die?

Dan Astacio, National Sales Representative
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