BlueGrace TL: Domestic Truckload Shipping is About to Get an Injection of Demand


It’s true, over the next few years you will start to see a major increase in domestic shipping, especially via truckload. Walmart, a huge contributor to the transportation market, has recently released a statement saying that they will be increasing their spend on domestic products to $250 billion over the next few years.

Early demand could result in some market constriction but will start to loosen up as more carriers move to enter the market and eat up the influx of demand. Walmart estimates that over 1 million new jobs will be created to handle this increase in production and experts believe that many US-based retailers will follow Walmart’s example in an effort to match their commitment and move more manufacturing back to the US. If other major US retailers follow suit, as many anticipate they will, we could have a major push on demand starting as early as Q4 of 2015 and could see major increases in tonnage starting in 2016.

Keep an eye out for retailers’ supply chains reaching out to 3PLs to handle this newfound demand. Many logistics companies, like BlueGrace Truckload, have taken a bullish stance on the ever-changing truckload market; these companies are eager for the chance to manage capacity constriction in the wake of a major surge in the, $350 billion, US truckload market.