Handle with Care

Handle with CareI have heard of many customers having problems with either damage to their goods or concealed damage within the packaging. We have to understand that in today’s industry, capacity is getting tighter and tighter and carriers are fitting as much freight into their trucks as they can. That being said, our customers have to understand that the products that we are shipping must be packaged sufficiently to avoid damages at all costs and be in compliance with applicable regulations. This can cost some big and others small but for certain, it can greatly reduce risks of damage.  

Notating on the Bill of Lading the phrase “handle with care” or putting the proper stickers/markings on the packaging will ensure that your freight is delivered in perfect condition. Spending the extra money on proper packaging can be well worth it in the end! Using interior packaging to protect fragile components and securing freight to pallets using plastic film and/or strapping can help ensure that your freight will get to its destination safely and without damage when subjected to the normal rigors of the environment. Nesting freight can help to increase the density of shipments, which may reduce costs if the rates are dependent upon the density of the package as tendered for shipment.  The old adage is still true in today’s freight world.

Spend now, save later!

– Dustin Snipes, Account Manager
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