Back-to-School Preparation in Ports

Back to School Preparation in Ports | International Shipping | Container FreightAccording to Logistics Management and the Global Port Tracker, the Port of Los Angeles (POLA) reported an increase in container volume throughout the month of April.

“It was a very good month with double-digit increases on both the import and export side,” said POLA Director of Communications, Philip Sanfield.

Once a container is unloaded, it is usually reloaded with new cargo and shipped to a new port or destination. Although it is preferred that a container is loaded with new cargo once emptied, that’s not always the case. Shippers are forced to consider that the cost to ship back an empty container is more than the value of the container itself. So as these used containers begin to reposition to areas where they will be used, it’s a sign that shippers and retailers are preparing for a particular season or time where traffic is prominent. In this case (and due to the time of course), we’re referring to back-to-school season at the end of summer.

The National Retail Federation (NRF) anticipates the number of imports will grow through the back-to-school season, indicating signs of economic recovery with expectations for a “good year” for retailers. Toward the end of June and into early July shipments for back-to-school season will encourage the Peak Season shipping pattern.

West coast ports such as Los Angeles, Long Beach, Tacoma and Seattle welcome the anticipated increase in imports forecasted through July. The increased volume of goods shipped around the globe is a good indicator of economic health; proving that logistics moves the global economy.

As you prepare to send your kid to summer camp and make room in your budget for back-to-school supplies and apparel, keep in mind that the ports and retailers are preparing today to meet your demands tomorrow!