Admitting you don’t know is better than pretending you do

In a service industry such as transportation and logistics, the three most powerful words a salesperson can say are “I don’t know.” Admitting that you don’t know everything about freight shipping is better than pretending you do.  As we grow we need to remind ourselves that although we strive to be experts in transportation, we never truly know everything.  There are several different types of customers out there. Mainly, the ones who know everything, the ones who know nothing, and the ones who think they know everything but they know nothing.

The customer who knows everything will tell you what they want, educate you, and you will earn their trust when you don’t insult them by pretending to know what you don’t. The customers who know nothing rely on you to get them the right information. They don’t want you to mislead them in attempts to earn a fast sale. And finally, the customers who think they know it all will never respect a sales rep that pretends to be something they are not. Nobody has ever had a problem with a sales rep telling them “I don’t know, but I’ll find out.”

The key to continued growth is forgetting what we think we know about our customers and continue to ask questions about their current service and their needs.  This is also true for prospects.  Once you hesitate to pick up the phone because you have already called someone ten times, you have failed.  Preconceived notions about customers as well as transportation carriers cause you to be complacent.  People, business practice, and customer’s happiness change daily. If you don’t have the determination to pick up the phone against your will, then you will miss out. 

Outside sales is no different; when you have gone through your territory ten times and think you know everything there is about each business, you have lost your edge.  You either have to have the determination to go back in to that business and treat it like you have never been there before, or have been hit in the head enough times like me that you really don’t remember being there.  Both will allow you to gain new opportunities. It is only when you can admit not only to others but to yourself that you do not know it all is when you can begin to learn it all!  

– Steve Hicks, Account Executive
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