10,000 Meanings For Logistics


BlueGrace Logistics…sounds professional right? What does logistics actually mean? And how does it apply to what we do here at BlueGrace? Let’s break it down…



When learning any concept it is essential to understand how it came to be. The word logistics comes from the Greek word, logistiki that pertains to accounting and financial organization. Logistikas were military officers of ancient Roman and Greek empires that dealt with financial and supply distribution. The term surfaced during WWI by the U.S military as logistics. It was used for similar reasons but also the transportation of military materials, facilities, and personnel. The term logistics spread to other nations by WWII, and was soon after adopted by the business world for parallel definitions.

There are many definitions of the word logistics but there is a common theme through the different meanings, plan and organize. Logistics is the mortar in a brick wall. Without logistics corporations would be chaotic and unsuccessful.

In reference to transportation, BlueGrace is the connection between one business’s needs and another.

Logistics: (business definition) Logistics is defined as a business-planning framework for management of material, service, information, and capital flows. It includes increasingly complex information, communication, and control systems in today’s business environment. (http://www.logisticsworld.com/logistics.htm)