Transitioning Into the Unknown

Steve Goodman BlueGrace Logistics FranchiseeRead the incredible story of BlueGrace® Logistics franchisee and Detroit native businessman, Steve Goodman featured in the Huffington Post Detroit blog. Goodman overcame obstacles caused by a declining economy and made changes in his life so that he and his family could be happy and successful. Goodman’s advice to the millions of others experiencing similar challenges in their life are:

  • Live outside your comfort zone
  • Be coachable
  • Have an open mind to creativity
  • Do things better

BlueGrace Logistics is proud have Steve Goodman aboard the franchising program and part of our family. His experience is a testimony of success and one’s drive to greatness. If you would like to learn about how BlueGrace franchise opportunities can unlock your potential, contact us or visit the BlueGrace franchise website today.

Read the complete story of Steve Goodman, “Transitioning Into the Unknown,” in the Huffington Post.