The Great Outdoors with Jeff Lavallee


BlueGrace Logistics has many active lifestyle franchisees, but franchise owner of BlueGrace Jacksonville, Jeff Lavallee, is known for his love of the outdoors. He and his family have a huge 37ft. fifth wheel camper. With a luxurious comfortable camper like that who wants to go back to work? Lavallee was one of the first to join the BlueGrace franchise network and has been successfully growing the brand since 2011. He has been in the distribution and freight business since 1997 and that’s where he fell in love with the industry, and decided to make it a business of his own. Lavallee found interest in the BlueGrace franchise opportunity because “BlueGrace Logistics has the best reputation in the industry as well as superior internal leadership qualities,” says Lavallee. When becoming a franchise owner he knew he might have to balance his passion for freight and his love for the outdoors. He knew he would still have time to do everything he wanted, just was unsure of how much time. Fishing, Camping, Clamming, Scalloping, you name it, Lavallee loves to do it! “Of course every franchise owner wants to obtain financial freedom, but mostly I think the goal is allowing yourself to have no restrictions,” says Lavallee, “it falls in line with the ‘work hard, play hard’ mentality”. He has formulated a technique that has allowed him to still take vacations and grow his business 44% since 2013. Whether you work hard in the morning and take off the rest of the day, or you work double and overtime through the beginning of the week and take off the rest of the week, you always have to make sure your work, job and livelihood come first. Though Lavallee has 12 employees, he still believes that he has to take charge and set an example so the team can follow his lead. He is looking forward to scalloping season to start, so he is preparing now to make sure goals and expectations will be met. Lavallee is seeking to expand his office over the next few months, and during that time he won’t be vacationing, so this will be his last summer shindig before big business starts!

“It’s important to work hard and take work serious, but when doing so, you need to allow yourself to still have time to let loose and break free from work, to enjoy your life,” says Lavallee.