BlueGrace Jacksonville, led by franchise owner Jeff Lavallee is October 2014 Franchise of the Month. Jeff Lavallee was one of the original to join the franchise network in 2011. Since Double Up 2014 BlueGrace Jax has really taken initiative to follow the key points of Jack Daly’s systems and processes. One of Jacksonville’s successes has been improving their hiring practices to better their culture. They have recently hired a Sales Manager and are currently utilizing the recruiting program in effort to help them hire better people. BlueGrace Jax has been concentrating to focus on their current customer base to add additional revenue that they are currently not capturing, while also focusing on improving their relationships.

Jeff Lavallee BlueGrace Franchise
           BlueGrace Jacksonville, Jeff Lavallee;              FOTM October 2014


“I contribute our success to expounding on the culture by mimicking BlueGrace Corporate,” -Jeff Lavallee