The Value of Superior Customer Service

“Thank you for calling, how may I help you?”  These are eight simple words that we hear so frequently on a daily basis. We hear the words so often that it does not faze us when we hear them; however, it is important not to lose sight of the fact that every time we hear those eight words, we are embarking on a customer service adventure.  Every call that we receive is a mini-adventure in helping one of the many valued clients that we serve.

Our job in Customer Service is to streamline the logistical processes of our customers in an effort to make sure that their products are delivered to and from their locations in the most efficient and timely manner possible through our technology and the assistance of our expert account managers.  Inevitably, there are always situations that arise needing some T.L.C. and that is where you can separate yourself from other similar companies in your industry; with your superior customer service.

The first-class customer service offered by our highly trained and dedicated staff; from our Diamond Desk to our Specialized Services to our General Customer Service Representatives are always available to provide assistance to our customers at the highest level available. To be best-in-class, pride yourself on handling any situation that arises as quickly and efficiently as possible.  This can be made possible by the dedication and experience that your team of customer service representatives puts into every transaction they process.

The level of excellence to be attained continues to be raised everyday as representatives understand more and more what a vital role they play in the continued success of their business and their clients.  Our customer service representatives’ attention to detail and willingness to assist on the hundreds of issues that take place every day is truly a testament to our customers and the level of service they will receive as long as we have the opportunity.

At BlueGrace, with incentives in place such as the BlueStar and TrueBlue Award programs, we recognize members of the Customer Service Team for their continued service in helping to maintain the level of superiority our customers deserve.  Like programs ensure that your level of customer service will continue to rise as you move forward in your efforts to become undisputedly the preeminent name in your Industry.

– Mike Eligon, Executive Assistant