Customer Service with a Smile

I wanted to take some time to give my personal input on customer service in the freight business. In my 5 years in this industry, I have learned that no matter how great your prices are or how great your TMS works, it is service that will help you keep and grow your business.

I have worked in other service industries as a sales representative. It doesn’t matter what your title is, you always need to let your customers know that you are here to help them. They always need to feel like they are the most important person you will talk to that day. Providing this level of service keeps your customers happy and reduces attrition.  They will know that if something goes wrong with a shipment that you will solve their problem. 

I have seen other sales and customer service representatives get upset with a customer that is asking questions. Just put yourself in their shoes! Questions are just another way for people to learn about your company. It is another chance for you to show why you are different. Customers have a lot of choices for their transportation needs. If you cannot do the job, they will find someone else who will.  I say if you greet the customer with good cheer, ask plenty of questions, try to solve their problem and always provide service with a smile that you will have a customer for life.

– Juan Ortiz, Customer Service Representative