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What is Volume LTL Shipping?

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Businesses who ship product and carriers looking to maximize business revenue have come to embrace Volume LTL shipping.

The simplest explanation is volume LTL provides many of the benefits of truck load (TL) or partial TL with the cost savings associated with less than truckload (LTL). It’s a win-win for everyone.

 It’s a win-win for everyone.

A Quick Definition: A shipment greater than 5,000 lbs, 6 pallets or more and taking up 12 to 32 linear feet of trailer space qualifies as Volume LTL. Although sometimes referred to as partial truckload, volume LTL has distinct size requirements and does need product crated or on pallets, not a requirement for partial TL shipments. If the shipment will take up 20% or more of the trailer, volume LTL may be the way to go.

Volume LTL has distinct size requirements and does need product crated or on pallets

Why Customers Like It?

With Volume LTL, a business only pays the going rate for the space the freight uses and the total weight of the shipment along the shipping lane. This generally results in a lower cost to ship. Plus, shipments get out the door faster, usually same day and there’s a lot less risk of damage for freight. (Freight goes from dock to dock much like partial or full TL, not getting off-loaded at different terminals like standard LTL shipments.)

A business only pays the going rate for the space the freight uses and the total weight of the shipment

Why Shippers Like it?

Shipping companies get more business, more quickly. The daily demand for volume shipping continues to grow as companies look to reduce shipping costs by shipping greater volumes. Shippers do not need to turn down requests for those not-quite-partial TLs. Plus, volume LTL increases the loads on all runs – no more driving empty trucks home, making every trip profitable.

The daily demand for volume shipping continues to grow

Does Volume LTL Replace standard LTL Freight?

Not at all. Volume LTL makes sense for a lot of companies who need to ship products; and for many asset-based carriers looking to expand their business. Standard LTL freight offered by common carriers will continue to meet the needs of businesses in terms of costs, shipment size (5 pallets and smaller) and speed of getting product out the door each and every day.

Volume LTL makes sense for a lot of companies who need to ship products

A Real Win-Win!

Volume LTL allows companies to quickly ship larger volumes of product at lower costs. Win!
It allows shipping companies, especially asset-based carriers, to increase the profitability of every run; plus, it expands market exposure for greater revenues. Win! And both groups benefit from faster agreements (Click. Book. Ship.) and quicker pickups.

This means companies get their product delivered more quickly and shipping companies keep the revenue flowing!

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2016 BlueGrace National Conference | Recap

BlueGrace Logistics recently hosted their 2016 National Conference right here in Tampa, Florida. This was the company’s 6th installment and biggest conference yet with action-packed keynote speakers like Cameron Herold, Bobby Harris, Afterburner, Inc, and Travis Mills. The location was a huge hit as well, as it was the first time the entire company came back to where it all began.

Welcome to Tampa | Meet & Greet Mixer

The 2016 National Conference kicked off with an opening reception Sunday night at the Tampa Marriott Waterside, where employees, franchisees, regional and branch offices could gather and meet new people and see old friends. For some it was their first time interacting in person, since many of the franchises and locations had been acquired in 2016. Putting faces to the names was the goal of this event and it would spark conversations that lasted the entire 3 days.

Putting faces to the names was the goal of this event and it would spark conversations that lasted the entire 3 days

“This was a great opportunity for our our offices out on the west coast and mid west to meet our employees from the east coast,” said Adam Blankenship, Executive Vice President of Operations at BlueGrace Logistics.

Monday Morning | Day 1

Monday morning started bright and early with an employee breakfast and an official kick-off message from BlueGrace Logistics CEO & President, Bobby Harris. His message touched on how BlueGrace performed in 2016 and what BlueGrace is projecting for 2017. He covered every single angle of the current status of the business and really brought his message home when he announced a huge rebranding for the company. The rebranding consists of a new logo, tagline, website redesign, and much more.

The rebranding consists of a new logo, tagline, website redesign, and much more.

“This branding revamp has been in the works for a while, but the whole concept came about in a very organic way. Because of the amount of effort put into the logo change, we weren’t even sure it would happen, but now we couldn’t be happier with the final results and feedback.” said Bobby Harris, CEO, Founder & President of BlueGrace Logistics.

The excitement started early with the BlueGrace rebranding announcement and would continue non-stop for the remainder of the conference. The schedule would include prominent speakers and breakout sessions to help bring the entire company together and land on the same page with the 2017 goals.

Keynote Speakers | Day 1

Cameron Herold

After Harris wrapped up his presentation and a quick break, Cameron Herold, the “COO Whisperer” addressed the company with a powerful message. He touted high level leadership development qualities and generated a buzz with “Building a World Class Company”. As an experienced speaker and author, Cameron has an uncanny ability to draw the audience in and leave them inspired to simplify their daily tasks and and keep the company goals in line with their own.

“Cameron really delivered a solid message and left all the fluff out. He kept it real and talked about how to build a company with the people you want on your team.” said Vanessa Castillo, Vice President of BG Freight.

Breakout Sessions | Day 1

The remainder of Day One consisted of two tracks and one roundup for different employee types; Sales and Leadership. The first track was an eye-opening sales training for the BlueGrace sales teams from around the country. The focus was to learn how to sell under different circumstances and to many types of shipping customers. The sales team learned that by taking more time to listen and really understand the logistics pain points for each potential customer, they could utilize the entire BlueGrace “toolbox” and help solve their specific issues.

There was also a new leadership development track with an in-depth overview of each BlueGrace department.

There was also a new leadership development track with an in-depth overview of each BlueGrace department. Leadership from every department prepared specific messages to engage and empower employees. There were detailed discussions on employee engagement and human resources, explaining how the hyper-growth at BlueGrace would be managed, so every employee would be happy and healthy.

BlueGrace sales associates recieved a one-on-one presentation from Roadrunner Freight’s Grant Crawford.

In addition to the Sales track, the BlueGrace sales associates recieved a one-on-one presentation from Roadrunner Freight’s Grant Crawford. He had the entire sales staff’s attention as he discussed the new branding, capabilities and dedication of Roadrunner as a trusted carrier for the logistics industry. With a detailed presentation on 2016 numbers and 2017 predictions, Grant demonstrated Roadrunners track record for effective freight management and how all of the sales staff could benefit by using them for their current customers.

The remaining option available to the Sales staff was a carrier roundup. In a structured table to table roundup, the BlueGrace sales staff had the time to move from carrier to carrier and learn more about their services and programs. BlueGrace invited carriers to not only attend the conference, but to sit and talk with the sales staff to answer questions and provide direct answers about how their services can help customers achieve their freight objectives. At its conclusion, the feedback on the carrier roundup was very positive with many opportunities shared and discussed.

Monday Night Festivities | Slapshots on Ice at Amalie Arena

Being the Preferred Shipping Partner of the Tampa Bay Lightning NHL team has its perks! The Tampa Marriott Waterside is directly across the street from the Amalie Arena, the home of the Lightning, so BlueGrace jumped at the opportunity for an on-ice experience. Vendors, carriers and employees were invited to the Amalie Arena for a VIP Tampa Bay Lighting event. Amalie Arena was open to just the BlueGrace conference attendees which gave everyone the opportunity to take a couple slapshots on the NHL team’s ice.

Being the Preferred Shipping Partner of the Tampa Bay Lightning NHL team has its perks!

“We wanted to give all of our BG family a unique opportunity to go down onto the ice of a top ranked NHL team and take a slap shot, and they all loved it,” said Harris.

After everyone took their shots on the ice, the night concluded with hors d’oeuvres, drinks and an additional carrier reception in the Chase Club, a premier sporting event entertainment area within Amalie Arena. The carrier discussions continued until the early evening as Day 1 came to a close.

Tuesday Morning | Day 2

Afterburner, Inc.

Tuesday kicked off with an exciting presentation from Afterburner, Inc. This group consists of retired military service members who served in leadership roles within elite units of the Armed Forces and consider themselves performance improvement experts. Their main focus was “Flawless Execution.” They fired up the crowd with examples of how they used a “debrief” to both prevent mistakes from happening and for learning from them after they do. The conference crowd left the room excited to utilize what they have learned to help all forms of business communication, from internal to customer interaction.

Day 2 presentations from BlueGrace management were a bit more in-depth. The IT department discussed many of the new tools being added to the BlueShip platform in 2017 that would enhance ease of use, increase the options for the customer and streamline the freight process even more. A round of applause came after IT committed to finishing development in 2017 for all new projects they discussed in their presentation. As the IT department tripled in size in 2016, the ability to add new options simplified billing to additional mode options has become a reality. BlueShip will continue to be on of the industries leading  TMS products in 2017 and beyond.

BlueShip will continue to be on of the industries leading  TMS products in 2017 and beyond.

Enterprise had the sales staff excited with their presentation on how BlueGrace engages with our larger customers. While discussing how to interact with types of customers by handing them off to the Enterprise team, they also discussed some of the reasons why BlueGrace is the best partner for these businesses. After receiving the current shipping data provided by a potential customer, Enterprise can run the numbers through our proprietary formulas and reporting systems to generate exciting and time/money saving opportunities.

Enterprise can run the numbers through our proprietary formulas and reporting systems to generate exciting and time/money saving opportunities.

From distribution models to preferred carriers and on-time delivery options, the Enterprise team at BlueGrace can move more product, more effectively for our customers. As the presentation explained, it does not end there. After the customer in engaged with BlueGrace the reporting and optimizing continues and the program will only get better through new time/money saving options being constantly updated and developed.

Tuesday Keynote Speakers | Day 2

Dave Ross

After the morning presentations, it was time for a keynote from Dave Ross, Managing Director of Global Transportation and Logistics at Stifel Nicolaus. As one of the top financial analysts in the logistics industry, David waspicked #1 by the Wall Street Journal’s Best on the Street Analysts Survey in the industrial transportation industry. His view of the logistics industry is deep and robust.

He was able to discuss with the BlueGrace team as well as the carriers, the impact of 2016 market situations and what the future holds for our industry.

He was able to discuss with the BlueGrace team as well as the carriers, the impact of 2016 market situations and what the future holds for our industry. The inner workings of the financial side of logistics was on full display as he presented what to expect in 2017 with a new president and coming industry regulations and changes.

Travis Mills > Never Give Up. Never Quit.

The final keynote speaker was recalibrated warrior and motivational speaker, Travis Mills. Despite losing portions of both arms and legs from an IED blast while on a deployment to Afghanistan, Travis continues to overcome life’s challenges, breaking physical barriers and defying odds.

Travis lives by his motto: “Never give up. Never quit.”  Travis infused his humor and military background to get the BlueGrace team thinking about what is really important in their lives. To focus on the things you can control and no matter where life takes you, stay on the good side, because if he can do it so can you. Travis stayed after for an hour signing his book and taking pictures with anyone who wanted one, he was a true inspiration the BlueGrace Logsitics team.

We can’t thank him enough for his service and sacrifice. Travis you are a true inspiration.

Tuesday Night Festivities | Gala Celebration at the Oxford Exchange

Originally built in 1891 as a stable for the Tampa Bay Hotel, 420 West Kennedy Boulevard has gone through several transformations in its long history. At this amazing Tampa location, BlueGrace put on an event that would not soon be forgotten. The entire location was rented out and and the fun loving conference attendees filed in.

The Oxford put on a great party with a cocktails, a sit down dinner with fine food and an great dance floor.

The Oxford put on a great party with a cocktails, a sit down dinner with fine food and a great dance floor. The live band came all the way from Jacksonville and played just the right music as the attendees danced the night away. It was an amazing end to the best BlueGrace National Conference yet. We would like to thank all of our attendees, employees, carriers and sponsors for making it an event to remember and look forward to an even better event in 2017!

We would like to thank all of our attendees, employees, carriers and sponsors for making it an event to remember and look forward to an even better event in 2017!

2016 BlueGrace Sales Conference Sponsors

Carrier Spotlight | Old Dominion Freight Lines


OD Freight Line fits many of our Core Values. Their ability to Pursue Outrageous Goals for over 82 years, is a huge reason why we continue to work closely with them to provide our customers with complete shipping needs.

One of BlueGrace Logistics Core carriers, Old Dominion Freight line, has 226 shipping service centers, 32 transfer points, and more than 18,000 employees. OD Freight Line provides service to six major geographical regions and thousands of direct shipping points in the lower 48 States.


OD’s single-source operation helps you manage your domestic freight shipping needs with confidence and provides complete nationwide coverage across all regions of the United States.

Their Super Regional Service allows businesses to ship both inter and intra-regionally with the most competitive transit times and pricing available.

In 1934, Earl and Lillian Congdon founded Old Dominion Freight Line in Richmond, Virginia, with one truck and a commitment to keep their promises to customers. Since then, OD has turned into a global transportation leader. Today, Earl Jr. and his son, David Congdon, carry on the family tradition of doing whatever it takes to help the world keep promises.

Recently, Old Dominion was recognized with the following acknowledgements for company leadership in the industry:

  • Inbound Logistics magazine recognized Old Dominion as a 2016 Top 100 Trucker and named the company to its 75 Green Supply Chain Partners (G75) list for the sixth consecutive year.
  • For the seventh consecutive year, Logistics Management honored OD with its Quest for Quality Award.
  • SupplyChainBrain named ODFL in its 2016 “100 Great Supply Chain Partners” listing.
  • NASSTRAC honored the company as 2016 Multi-Regional LTL Carrier of the Year for the fourth consecutive year.
  • Forbes Magazine named Old Dominion one of America’s Best Employers in 2015
  • Fortune named CEO David Congdon to its 2015 Businessperson of the Year list.
  • The ATA Transportation Security Council awarded OD with its 2015 Excellence in Claims and Loss Prevention Award for the third consecutive year.
  • Mastio & Company ranked Old Dominion as No. 1 National LTL carrier for the sixth consecutive year.
  • 2015 SmartWay Excellence Award winner.
  • Commercial Carrier Journal ranked OD No. 10 on the 2015 Top 250 Carriers list.
  • Forbes Magazine named Old Dominion as one of America’s 100 Most Trustworthy Companies for three consecutive years.

Carrier Relationships

BlueGrace Logistics is always focusing on how to make each shipment, with each carrier, cost efficient. Working with carriers like Old Dominion Freight Lines is one of the many reasons we are successful in providing cost efficient and custom transportation plans for our shippers!




BlueGrace Logistics is Busting Through the Walls


BlueGrace Logistics is literally busting through walls as they continue to experience extreme growth with new hires and acquistions.

What was once a small space that housed 24 employees, is now a buzzing 29,000 square foot office space that is home to a whopping 262 employees; and that number is steadily increasing on a weekly basis. BlueGrace is growing at such a rapid speed that they purchased the entire building of 55,000 sq. ft., that once held 2 businesses and is currently pushing through to the next office space.

Big Is Better, But Culture Is #1

BlueGrace may be increasing in size and hiring a large number of people, but they are making sure that the right person is being hired for the right job and fits in with the culture.

“It is one thing to hire a lot of people, it is something entirely different to bring in a bunch of talented people, invest heavily into them and ensure they begin successful long-term careers with BlueGrace” says Executive Vice-President, Adam Blankenship.  “The team at BlueGrace has also developed a culture and work environment that welcomes new employees and encourages them to interact with their new co-workers in fun and competitive ways,”  Blankenship went on to say, “with our company growth, our commitment to people and culture we truly are helping people build careers in logistics here at BlueGrace.”

You spend half of your life at work, so let’s make it a fun place. – Bobby Harris, CEO/Founder

The BlueGrace culture is something that most companies try to replicate, but are unsuccessful in doing so. From Free-Beer-Fridays and relay races to charitable events and mentor programs, BlueGrace is proactive in keeping employees excited about coming to work and spending time focusing on company goals.

Hiring new employees and physically increasing in size, isn’t the only contributing factor to the rapid growth of BlueGrace. BlueGrace is in the process of several acquisitions and franchise buy-backs that will continue throughout 2016.


Bobby Harris – BlueGrace Logistics CEO/Founder Takes the First Swings for Demolition!

Bobby Demo

A peek inside the new space! 

hole in wall



BlueGrace National Footprint Expands to Boston with Purchase of G-Force Shipping

Boston Acquistion

Tampa 3PL Continues Momentum with Job Creation and Acquisitions

Large acquisitions are dominating the 3PL industry and BlueGrace Logistics is no stranger to progress. Over the last year, BlueGrace Logistics, a privately owned, non-asset based third party logistics provider (3PL), has gained momentum with franchise acquisitions, job creation and most recently purchasing, G-Force Shipping out of Boston, Massachusetts.

“The timing of this acquisition couldn’t be better as we both are experiencing a huge amount of success. The potential for job creation within both of our communities is on point with our current mission and commitment to growth.” Said Bobby Harris, CEO/Founder of BlueGrace Logistics.

Once a franchise of BlueGrace Logistics, Boston-based G-Force Shipping was founded in 2009 and currently employs 16 people, with over 91 partner carriers. G-Force Shipping has been unwavering in the 3PL industry and is widely recognized in the SMB market, especially in the Boston area.

“Moving our book of business over to BlueGrace Logistics will not only increase our resources, but will ultimately benefit our shippers,” Said Scott Guilbeaut, CEO of G-Force Shipping. “This transition will be an exciting one for both G-Force and BlueGrace as we increase our foothold in the freight and shipping industry.”

Job Creation and Company Culture to Continue

Not only does this acquisition bring new jobs and revenue, G-Force Shipping is a perfect fit for the BlueGrace model of a charitable and pacesetting company culture.

“G-Force brings value to our current ‘company culture’ as they have been voted as a Best Place to Work in Boston, by the Boston Business Journal.” Said Mercedes Essmann, Director of Recruiting for BlueGrace. “Their office will be an extension of our corporate location and we will continue to strive for hiring the people and not the resume.”

The acquisition of G-Force Shipping is one of many, as BlueGrace continues to become a stalwart in the logistics industry. The growth capabilities within the logistics, freight and shipping market is unprecedented and BlueGrace Logistics will continue to acquire more companies that fit their capacity for growth in the 3PL space. Visit for current job opportunities.

About BlueGrace Logistics:

Founded in 2009, BlueGrace Logistics is one of the fastest growing leaders of transportation management services in North America. As a full service third party logistics provider (3PL), BlueGrace helps businesses manage their freight spend through industry leading technology, high level freight carrier relationships and overall understanding of the complex $750 Billion U.S. freight industry. BlueGrace is headquartered in Riverview, Florida with over 60 corporate and franchise locations across the U.S.

What are your S.M.A.R.T 2016 Goals?


Here at BlueGrace we are asking our franchisees and direct employees to start thinking about their 2016 goals. This is our take on what S.M.A.R.T. goals are:

S= Shared. Tell your friends, family, and co-workers about your goals. You need support and accountability.

M= Measured. Measured these can be measured somehow. Typically by $, #, and %.

A= Attainable. These goals have to be within reach and reason. You can not make hitting the lotto a goal!

R= Relevant. Make these smart goals relevant to something you are trying to accomplish in your life. These can be work related, exercise and diet, or something you want to do that you haven’t done yet.

T= Time. There has to be an end date to see if you accomplished your goal. You typically do not want to set smart goals further than a year out.


Please let us know on social media what your smart goals are today!

On Twitter: @mybluegrace

On Facebook:

FOTM June // Pete Foradas // BlueGrace 809 Columbus Central

Pete Foradas

Name: Peter Foradas

Franchise owned: 809 | BlueGrace Logistics Columbus Central

How long have you owned a franchise?

For 2 years

Why Pete?

Pete is only the second franchise to ever win twice. Way to go Pete!


Pete has consistently been growing his numbers over the last month. With this growth, he is currently in the process of hiring 3 new employees; 2 in sales and 1 admin professional. Pete is a great business owner, establishing a dynamic business plan that he monitors and adjusts as needed for his internal demands.


Pete has worked with the support team on quarterly business reviews for his larger customers, utilizing corporate knowledge of the industry. He is consistently attending training calls, and frequently makes visits to the BlueGrace Logistics corporate office for training.


Above all – Pete is continuously working with his customer to grow his business. Let’s congratulate Pete on being these months Franchise of the Month!



BlueGrace Logistics Columbus Central

Leaving the Competition to Become a Franchise |


FOTM February // Chris Kandel & Mike Welton // BlueGrace Albany

Chris Kandel Mike Welton BlueGrace

BlueGrace Albany, led by franchise owners Chris Kandel and Mike Welton  has been named Franchise of the Month for February 2015. The team  joined the BlueGrace Franchise Network in January 2014. The franchise recently hired a new Sales Account Executive and are currently seeking another operations position. BlueGrace Albany spent their first year learning and adopting the BlueGrace brand, now that they have that under their wing they are looking to significantly expand their business in 2015.

“We are honored and genuinely appreciate the recognition! We just completed our first year as a Franchise and appreciate all the help, ideas and support to adapt and implement the BG culture and approach. After the Double up Vegas conference, we enthusiastically revisited our goals and have since hired our first salesperson and sending him to Florida for more training. We eagerly anticipate the next conference to learn new ideas and continue on the path to growth and successful Franchise ownership!” – Chris Kandel and Mike Welton, owners of BlueGrace Albany

FOTM January // Erik Bouvin & Eric Raterkus // BlueGrace San Diego Central


BlueGrace San Diego Central, led by franchise owners Erik Bouvin and Eric Raterkus has been named Franchise of the Month for January 2015. San Diego Central joined the BlueGrace Franchise Network in 2011. The franchise recently hired a new Account Executive and will soon be hiring a position for freight desk services. San Diego Central continues to see growth and looks forward to expand their office in 2015.

“We are very stoked to kick off the New Year being Franchise of the Month, and really excited to keep the momentum rolling.” – Erik Bouvin and Eric Raterkus, BlueGrace San Diego Central

#BGEats // Restaurant Reviews

BlueGrace Restaurant Review for Ruth's Chris Steak House

Restaurant Name // Ruth’s Chris Steak House
Location // 431 N Dearborn St, Chicago IL 60654
Favorite drink // Broad Street Hurricane
Favorite entrée // Filet with Fresh Asparagus
STARS (out of 5) // 5 stars all the way!!

“You may end up eating in silence because the food is so good!  The steak is like butter and is served on a plate that is 500 degrees; ensuring your steak never gets cold. The Sides are big enough to split which is a good thing because they are so delicious you want to sample a few.” – J. Louis


BlueGrace Restaurant Review for Corner TableDEAN MCNEELY // FRANCHISE OWNER
Restaurant Name // Corner Table
Location // 2736 Virginia Street Houston, Texas 77098
Favorite drink // All the sustainable and organic infused Vodka options. Right up Randy Collack’s wheel house! Favorite entrée // Filet with Fresh Asparagus
STARS (out of 5) // 5

“A place I like to take BG VP’s when they come to town and a frequently spot
I post pictures on Twitter.” – D. McNeely



BlueGrace Restaurant Review for Carne ChopHouse

Restaurant Name // Carne Chop House
Location // Ybor City // 1536 East 7th Avenue, Tampa, FL 33605 Favorite drink // Crown apple and ginger ale
Favorite entrée // Trout Almondine
STARS (out of 5) // 5

“I love the Jason’s Split Pea and Smoked Ham Hock soup.” – R. Weathers

BlueGrace promotes Belcher to CIO

BlueGrace Logistics CIO, Justin Belcher

RIVERVIEW — BlueGrace Logistics has promoted Justin Belcher to chief information officer, putting him in charge of all information technology aspects at the Riverview-based freight and logistics company.

Belcher joined BlueGrace in 2009, leading many of the company’s IT initiatives through its 56 locations. In his new role, Belcher will continue that work, according to a release, but will now focus on details of the company’s vision for technology, business development and supporting systems.

Click here to continue reading this article on Business Observer.

Welcome BlueGrace Franchise Owners!

January 2015

BlueGrace South Mississippi
BlueGrace South Mississippi, Phil Harding

BlueGrace Dallas East
BlueGrace Dallas East, Erick Nyatenya

BlueGrace San Juan Capistrano
BlueGrace San Juan Capistrano, Steve Cohon, Gina Schwartz and Doug Schwartz


November 2014

BlueGrace Indy North  Brian Stutzman
BlueGrace Indy North, Brian Stutzman

“The opportunity to partner with a business such as BlueGrace Logistics has been nothing but wonderful.  I am excited for what the future will hold and having the ability to learn from the best in the business.  During my first year I hope to begin building a positive environment for my office location. One that is fun, hardworking, and passionate about helping businesses with their logistic needs. I look forward to continually meeting everyone within the BlueGrace Logistics network and hope everyone has a great 2015!” – Brian Stutzman


Franchise of the Month – Q4 2014


BlueGrace would like to recognize the Q4 2014 Franchisees of the Month. Below are the 3 top performing franchisees of the quarter.

BlueGrace Williamsburg Tim & Becky Salavejus
BlueGrace Williamsburg
Tim & Becky Salavejus

“We are so happy about where our success has led us this year. We could not be more excited about closing out the year and being honored with the Franchise of the Month award” – Tim and Becky Salavejus

BlueGrace Fair Oaks Sharon McWilliams
BlueGrace Fair Oaks Sharon McWilliams

“Sometimes it’s hard to know if you’re taking the right steps toward success. I second guess myself all of the time, but it gives me some peace of mind that the corporate office feels positively about the decisions I’ve made. I just hope my franchise’s performance in the next few months can live up to the honor.”  – Sharon McWilliams


BlueGrace Jax Jeff Lavallee
BlueGrace Jax
Jeff Lavallee

“I contribute our success to expounding on the culture by mimicking BlueGrace Corporate” – Jeff Lavallee


Bringing The Vivid Vision To Life

Launched in 2014, the Vivid Vision is our roadmap to success through 2017 as a leading freight shipping company. Each member of BlueGrace plays a critical role in the development of our company. Don’t do tomorrow what you can do today…Bringing The Vivid Vision To Life starts now.

Bobby Harris, President and CEO of BlueGrace Logistics
Above: Bobby Harris, President and CEO of BlueGrace Logistics and author of BlueGrace’s Vivid Vision, “What BlueGrace Looks Like in 2017.” Bobby wrote the document as a blue print to the success of BlueGrace.

Finding your way in an organization can be very difficult if you don’t know how to get there. President and CEO, Bobby Harris released the Vivid Vision: What BlueGrace Looks Like in 2017 at the 2014 Annual BlueGrace Logistics Franchise Conference in Las Vegas in July.

The document served as a footprint and layout to the company’s success. The Vision for each department’s growth and development is defined and goals are established company-wide. The Vivid Vision is available to all employees. You can begin your action plan now by reading it in its entirety and plan your part! Create your goals with the Vivid Vision in mind and share your ideas through TinyPulse and with your managers.


Why These Two Best Friends Opened a Franchise Together at Age 28 – Entrepreneur

Randy Vlasic and Alex Veinot have been best friends since high school. After college, the pair ended up working together as sales executives for the same company. However, the duo longed to open their own business. Here is how they decided that BlueGrace Logistics was the perfect vehicle for their entrepreneurial drive.

Name: Randy Vlasic and Alex Veinot

Franchise owned: BlueGrace Logistics in Bloomingdale, Ill.

How long have you owned a franchise?

We signed our franchise agreement in November of 2013. Recently having our one year anniversary, we are more excited than ever about where our business is going.

Why franchising?

Franchising provided us a turnkey system that was proven to work. Instead of trying to reinvent the wheel, we bought into a company that has shown unbelievable growth, with a revolutionary approach to an already familiar industry. Branded as a national leader in logistics, we were able to bring immediate value to our customers and grow substantially faster than if we had started a company from scratch. The benefits of having all facets of a business already designed and ready to be implemented was a major factor in our decision to move forward with the franchise. As new entrepreneurs we knew our time would stretch thin, so having everything in place was critical in giving us the ability to focus on what mattered most: Growing our business.

What were you doing before you became a franchise owner?

Best friends since high school, we had always dreamed of opening a business together. Immediately after high school, both of us worked in various sales positions while we focused on our college education. Staying in touch throughout the years, we ended up as sales executives with a third party logistics provider. Quickly advancing to the top two sales executives in our company, we were forced to look for other avenues as our company began to cut back.

To continue reading this article in Entrepreneur, click here

My Franchise Is Like My Second Child – Entrepreneur

As the youngest franchise owner in the BlueGrace Logistics franchise system, Dusty King says his job is similar to raising his three year old daughter. Why? He loves and invests time in both, and believes that both will grow into “honest contributors to society.” Here’s what King has learned as a franchisee and father.

Name: Dusty King

Franchise owned: BlueGrace Logistics in Atlanta, Ga.

How long have you owned a franchise? 2 1/2 years

Why franchising?

Having the proven system in place is invaluable. Not having to start from scratch is a huge step forward in creating a business. You’re able to take a proven business model and add your personal efforts toward achieving your goals. This allowed me to focus solely on obtaining new business and not so much on creating back end systems that businesses need to run on a day to day basis.

What were you doing before you became a franchise owner?

I was an operations manager for a partner franchise in the BlueGrace system.

To continue reading this article in Entrepreneur, click here 

Franchise of the Month – December



BlueGrace Williamsburg, led by franchise owners Tim Salavejus and Becky Puterbaugh Salavejus is December 2014 Franchise of the Month. Tim and Becky have been with the BlueGrace network since 2011. This year they have focused on hiring more sales and customer service representatives to help grow their business, along with a sales manager to over see the sales team. In the recent months they have been rapidly growing and focusing on customers that help improve their bottom line.

“We are so happy about where our success has led us this year. We could not be more excited about closing out the year and being honored with the Franchise of the Month award” – says Tim and Becky Salavejus, owners of BlueGrace Williamsburg

Q&A with Becky Puterbaugh, Franchise Owner of BlueGrace Williamsburg

This month our featured franchise Q&A is with Becky Puterbaugh, Franchise Owner of BlueGrace Williamsburg.

Becky Puterbaugh Salavejus, Franchise Owner of BlueGrace Williamsburg.
Becky Puterbaugh Salavejus, Franchise Owner of BlueGrace Williamsburg

 Q: How you have helped other women?
We are an equal opportunity employer with 50% of our team members being women. We rec-ognize the value and special skills strong women bring to our fran-chise. Work-Life balance is a key pillar to the culture of our fran-chise. Since several of our team members are single mothers flex time has been a valued benefit. This allows them to take care of their families when needed and keeps them focused on our clients and tasks when in the office.

Q: What are some challenges you have faced as a business owner?
The biggest challenge has been implementing companywide systems and processes and build-ing a winning culture. Since the Double Up conference we have amerced ourselves in the Daly principles by developing key people for key spots and holding them accountable through indi-vidual goals. Another challenge has been managing our growth. Since the beginning, we have reinvested our time and finance back into the company. This re-invest has attributed to the suc-cess of our franchise.

Q: What do you do to keep yourself motivated at the office?
Running a business is very stress-ful and overwhelming. Fortunate-ly, I am able to retreat to my farm and recharge my batteries. There is just something about feeding a baby calf his bottle or watching a flock of turkeys grazing in the field that gives me peace. If I am stressed then I know my employ-ees can be stressed as well. In an effort to relieve stress and build a family atmosphere we plan events that allows us to unwind together. This year we scheduled company outings at a local baseball and amusement parks.

Q: What you like best about owning your business?
The best thing about owning my own business is the flexibility in time. As most business owners will say, they work 24/7 and that is true… we are always on the clock! Fortunately my husband and I share in many of the respon-sibilities and can give each other the time that is required outside of the business. With two teenagers at home and a farm to run, it is essential to spread out our time.

Q: How you have been successful this far and your goal for your second franchise location?
Success has come with persistence, encouragement and playing an active role in the business. Both Tim and I work directly with our employees, not separated by walls or a door. We re-invest into the company and realize our greatest commodity is our people. Having a second franchise location will open more doors for opportunity and new customers to serve. Our goal is to double our revenue and staff.

Q: Do you encourage more women to become business owners?
As a business owner myself, I encourage any woman who is thinking about becoming a business owner. If she has the passion and resources, it can be very fulfilling and empowering.


Becky Puterbaugh Salavejus is a member of the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO) in Richmond, Virginia. This year, she was listed as an Altria Rising Star Finalist.


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What Up Franchise Owners? By: Alex Veinot, Owner of BlueGrace ORD

This month we are featuring a guest spot from Alex Veinot of BlueGrace ORD. His franchise was recognized as Vendor of the Year, so we wanted him to share the experience in his own words!

BlueGrace – ORD was chosen as vendor of the year for Mallory Alexander because and I quote “We demonstrate exemplary service at most competitive rates and do it with a smile.” It was presented to me by the branch manager Maureen Schmitt and her team. I have had a long relationship with many employees at Mallory Alexander and they appreciate that we work around the clock to solve any and all of their logistic challenges. We are always willing to go above and beyond to satisfy all customers shipping needs and to tailor fit a solution. We strive to build lasting impressions with our customers by creating a personalized touch instead of making them feel like they work with a major corporation that just manages them as a number. When I received the award it felt great to know that customers truly appreciate the daily things we do to make their work lives easier. It also furthered the notion that I am a franchise owner in the best logistics network that exist, BLUEGRACE! #winning!!!

Alex Veinot accepting the Vendor of the Year award from Mallory Alexander.
Alex Veinot accepting the Vendor of the Year award from Mallory Alexander.


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