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Tweet Tweet… – An Exclusive Insight into BG on Twitter


Twitter is one of those social media platforms that you use for the first time and you either love it or hate it. For BlueGrace it’s the social media platform of the century. Our company is one of the most active logistics companies on Twitter. We are interacting on Twitter daily, which is the “One Thing” that makes us a remarkable example of social media in the workplace. As a company, we’re “engaged” with everyone that interacts with us; and employees play the most critical role in the development of this social media platform. Since I’ve been here, I’ve seen a number of really cool things come of engaging on the platform from the front line and as an employee. One that stands out to me was the first time we saw our Inc. 500 Ranking as the #1 Logistics and Transportation Company. On a work trip to San Francisco, the 2012 Inc. 500 had just been published and was on shelves. As I saw the cover on the shelves in a gift shop at the Tampa International Airport a Twitter alert went off “@IncOnline mentioned @mybluegrace on Twitter.” Sure enough we were mentioned the #1 Transportation and Logistics Company. I smiled and thought to myself  “Oh snap. I work there, haaaaaaaaaay!” Next thing you know, the entire BlueGrace family starts chiming in. Tid-bits of information with BlueGrace and Inc. Magazine blasted all over Twitter.  It was great because people said what they needed to say and it was quick;  Unlike a Facebook status that reads a few paragraphs and keeps you thinking. A Tweet is direct and to the point like “Boom, in your face.” So you’re probably thinking,  “Well, O.K. I see how that could be cool but how do I ‘engage’.” The most important thing is commit to it, just like anything else you’re trying to accomplish. Start by looking at your calendar and Identify what you can gain out of the experience both personally and professionally. BlueGrace’s best “PowerTweeters” follow people, companies, musicians, and anyone /anything that peaks their interest.

Let’s take a look at some other AWESOME things that have happened as a result of BlueGrace and BlueGrace employees engaging on Twitter:

Steve Hicks (@BG_Steve) gets retweeted by Jose Canseco (June 23, 2013)

Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Truck Tour Stops by  BlueGrace Tampa (2013, 2014) & Chicago Office (2014)

Jeremy Piven (Ari from the HBO Series, “Entourage,”) DM’s Dustin Snipes (2011)

Ryan Mitchell (Carrier Sales Representative) gets RT by NFL official Twitter account (2014)

Carol Haeck gets some RT love by La Crema Wine Company and the National Humane Society brand. (2013, 2014)

Customer gets response from Denise Richards from BG employee influence!

So what are you waiting for? Get on Twitter, make it part of your day. You never know what the end result will be! Need help? Send an email to [email protected]

How To Start a Transportation Business

How To Start a Transportation Industry

Starting any business involves a lot of time, money, and planning…

The first stages of starting a company should be comprised of research and planning.

Once the details are in order, the second stage is primarily about money. The start-up capital of a business particular to transportation can run at approximately $300,000.  Got a large trust fund? Most of us don’t and it’s up to the bank in determining the credit line. If you don’t want to go into a business alone, then the possibility of investors or partners are also an option.

The third stage, assuming the company made it past stage two, is operations. Having the necessary office supplies and software are essential in operating smoothly, so set yourself up for success!

Now that the company is officially ready, the most important stage of all is stage four, CLIENT RELATIONSHIPS! If there are no clients there is no business… period! Treat the relationships already obtained with care, and constantly build new clients. It’s in stage four that most companies fail. Business owners will break their backs to get off the ground and assume the clients will come, or think they have done enough in stages 1-3. Stage four is never achieved, it has to be constant and that’s why hiring a marketing professional is essential.

Interested in the transportation business but don’t have all the time to research or think you can’t afford it? Consider starting a BlueGrace Logistics Franchise. It costs a fraction of the average transportation business, offers brand recognition to new clients and the opportunity to enhance your relationship with existing ones. With BlueGrace franchise, most of the hard work is already done and as the owner you simply need to focus on stage four and build on your client relationships!

Is Buying a Franchise a Good Idea?

Buying a franchise

The thought of being your own boss is what most of us dream of, but is it possible? One of the best ways to start your own company is to buy a franchise. Starting your own business from the ground up can take a lot of sacrifice. It can take years before a profit is made if a profit is made at all; most businesses fail in the first two years. The economy is weak, but slowly making its way back. It’s time to get in on the ground floor and make an investment that will pay off in the decade to come. Buying a franchise offers safety nets that are crucial in today’s economy. If you are looking to buy a franchise, just remember to think R.I.C.H


          In deciding to buy a franchise, the freedom to research the company is available. When doing research look for a few things like reviews on the business, success rates, competitors, location, and economic demand.


          Not all but some companies will offer guarantee profit from insurance companies. After researching different franchise opportunities, make sure to look into the benefits each company offers.


          The best business incentive to buy a franchise is the built-in cliental, as opposed to building your own following. A franchise offers brand recognition with costumer loyalty that a business can only gain after time. The main responsibility as a franchise owner in regards to marketing is expansion, which is much more achievable than start-up.


          Being the boss has its advantages and the best is setting the hours! Depending on the type of franchise, it is possible to not even leave the house. It is true, owning a business comes with a lot of demands and a lot of hours, but the beauty of a franchise is the establishment the company already has, so it’s up to the buyer to create their own schedule and keep it up.

So remember all you future business owners, think R.I.C.H!


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BlueGrace Logistics Launches TOP Program (True Ownership Plan), Provides Exclusive Incentives For Entering the Award-Winning Freight Franchise System

BlueGrace Logistics ( is now offering up to $250,000 in signing bonuses for the industry’s elite of logistics freight agents. BlueGrace recently announced the launch of the TOP Program (True Ownership Plan Program), providing exclusive incentives and benefits to join BlueGrace’s award-winning franchise network.

In 2014, BlueGrace was recognized by several media for the growth and expansion of their franchise opportunity. Since franchising in 2011, the system has added over 50 franchises across the United States and seen over 60% growth year over year. BlueGrace will use TOP to promote true business ownership; giving converted agents customized initial and ongoing training, operational support from the corporate office and more.

“We created this program to encourage industry entrepreneurs to own their own businesses. Their experience and passion for the trade will add tremendous value to our franchise network while providing them with the true support they’re unable to receive elsewhere,” says Bobby Harris, President and CEO of BlueGrace Logistics.

Logistics agent programs became popular during the financial of the 2000’s, when the job market was weak and businesses needed to lower operating expenses. At the time, the logistics agent model provided a mutually beneficial relationship for the both the agent and company. However, as the economy began to recover and agents began to book more business the fine print on agent contracts looked a little bigger. As many were looking for support, training, control of their book of business and breaks on commission splits; expectations were not met. BlueGrace created TOP to address this situation, helping agents become true business owners.

Carrier Direct (logistics consultancy) wrote the white paper “The Impending Death of the Logistics Agent Model”, clearly the demise of agent programs. Click here to read. 

TOP by BlueGrace is now open to all logistics freight agents, seeking true business ownership. The dedicated TOP Program team is currently accepting inquiries. You may contact the TOP team directly at [email protected], by calling 888.752.0441 or simply fill out the form below.

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“Backpacks of Hope” 2014 With BlueGrace A Success!

BlueGrace is extremely proud that the 2014 “Backpacks of Hope” drive was once again a true success! Through the month of July, we collected over 550 school supplies and backpacks which were donated to the Metropolitan Ministries. The annual drive provides kids with all new school supplies just in time for them to go back to school! On the last day of the drive, BlueGrace employees were encouraged to break out their nerd gear to celebrate the final day of the charitable drive! “Backpacks of Hope” is one of three annual drives hosted by BlueGrace. Our employees have a strong sense of pride for the company and are always looking for ways to give back to the community via the Giving Grace Program, implemented by President and CEO, Bobby Harris.

One surprise that greatly contributed to this year’s drive was the donation of 17 completely filled backpacks to BlueGrace by Images Hair Salon (, located at 3967 Henderson Blvd., Tampa, FL 33629). The effort was led by Jamie Goldfarb, Images Hair Salon Stylist.

BlueGrace is looking forward to the 2015 “Backpacks of Hope” drive, and hopes to surpass the number of items collected and to continue to bring joy to the lives of many more kids!

Bobby Harris, BlueGrace President and CEO wins EY EOY Emerging Category

BlueGrace President and CEO, Bobby Harris, wins Emerging Category in EY’s 2014 Entrepreneur of the Year Awards

Ernst & Young (EY) holds one of the nation’s most prestigious award ceremonies every year, the Entrepreneur of the Year Awards. EY’s Entrepreneur of the Year Program recognizes business owners from all over the country for the accomplishments and contributions to their employees, industries and society as a whole. BlueGrace President and CEO, Bobby Harris has been nominated 4 times (2011-2014); accepted nominations 3 years (2011, 2012 and 2014); each year remarkable, this year exceptional. He took a year off to focus on the development of his company, to bring a bigger message and greater presence in 2014. With the company’s consistent growth, expansion of the franchise channel (over 50 franchises to date!), successful acquisitions, the release of BlueShip 3.0 and partnering with carriers like UPS and FedEx the awards ceremony was held at such a monumental time for Bobby and his company. Hence, he accepted this years nomination and was excited to showcase the new frontier of BlueGrace Logistics. Bobby was up against amazing contenders in the Emerging category: Daniel Cane, Co-Founder,President and CEO, Modernizing Medicine, Boca Raton and Albert Santalo, CEO, CareCloud, Miami so when the announcement came, he was more than surprised to be called as the winner this year.

“Winning this award was beyond gratifying since it was a testament to my amazing team that I love so dearly,” says Bobby Harris, President and CEO.

Anyone that knows “Bobby, the CEO”  knows that culture and philanthropy are at the forefront of every action taken at BlueGrace. It’s the center of the company’s development and is accredited the reason for it’s exponential growth and success. The second you walk on the BG production floor, the energy expels from employees and onto the needs of its customers. EY clearly displayed it in the presentation of Bobby’s award during the event gala on Thursday night. As the Emerging Category winner, he sees this award as a benchmark for the company’s current and future success.

For EY, the Emerging Category represents entrepreneurs who are leading company’s with innovative technology, streamlined practices and creative strategies/angles for the betterment of their industry and society. BlueGrace, a 3PL, is leading and changing the way businesses ship their goods around the globe. 3PL businesses are the fastest growing segment within the transportation industry; furthermore, the LTL sector falls right into the mix as the fastest growing sector therein and just happens to be one of BlueGrace’s biggest strengths next to providing leading freight shipping technology to market. Bobby and his BG Team’s biggest contribution is bringing today’s winning value creation strategies to businesses by streamlining complex processes, so much that its constantly recognized.

Congratulations Bobby! This award is well-deserved!

View the full list of Award Winners on EY’s website by clicking here.

View the EY announcement, published on CNBC by clicking here.

Stay tuned for a full event recap, including photo’s video’s and more from Bobby Harris on the event on Monday, June 16!

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BlueGrace Announces the Official Sponsors for #DoubleUp14


Who’s ready to visit Vegas? The 4th annual BlueGrace Logistics Franchise Conference, Double Up 2014, is right around the corner and we couldn’t be more excited! This year’s conference will be held at The Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas, Nevada, July 13th – July 16th. The focus will be on doubling our business, where participants will learn new sales techniques that will enhance productivity in the workplace. The conference will not only consist of interactive workshops and training sessions, but also three world famous Keynote speakers as well as an exhilarating performance by one of the busiest performing mentalists in the country, Oz Pearlman (pronounced Oh’s).

Jack Daly: speaker, trainer, coach, author, and an expert in sales and sales management, inspiring audiences to take action in customer loyalty and personal motivation. He delivers explosive keynote and general session presentations. Jack brings 20 plus years of field proven experience from a starting base with the CPA firm Arthur Andersen to the CEO level of several national companies.

Ross Shafer: One of the most sought after Keynote speakers and seminar leaders on the subjects of Customer Empathy, Personal Motivation and Business Relevance. He is a 6-time Emmy Award Winner and writer of 14 H.R. training films on customer service, motivation and leadership. He is the author of books such as Nobody Moved Your Cheese, The Customer Shouts Back, Customer Empathy and many more!

Steve LeFever: part comedian, part financial manager, former commercial banker, current entrepreneur and 100% world-class presenter. Steve drives home his message with a no-nonsense, laugh-out-loud approach that makes him the top-rated presenter at virtually every conference he attends. Driving financial discipline and initiating change in diverse types of organizations (distribution networks, trade associations or franchise groups to name a few) can be a big challenge and in this area, Steve LeFever can do it like no one else.

The Mentalist, Oz Pearlman: Oz developed an interest in magic at a young age and what started as a mere hobby became a lifelong passion. He has now been dazzling audiences with his mind reading abilities & world-class sleight of hand for over two decades!

BlueGrace is pleased to announce MercuryGate as a platinum sponsor for the conference. They are the main sponsor for the Double Up Gala which takes places on Tuesday, July 15th at the Comme Ça Restaurant inside the Cosmopolitan, and we want to shout out a big thank you for their participation! BlueGrace is also happy to announce the list of Gold sponsors who are key players in promoting value added content to the events agenda. They include: Shift Freight (Official sponsor of keynote speaker Jack Daly), SMC3 (Official conference training sponsor), Global Industries & CI Group (Co-op editorial sponsor), TranSoulutions (Official conference training sponsor). Stay tuned for more news on Double UP 2014, 30 days in counting. This is one Gala you do not want to miss and we hope to see everyone there!

For more information visit:


BlueGrace Marietta, Blue Grace Marietta, BlueGrace Logistics

BlueGrace Marietta Franchise Owner Participates in 2014 Boston Marathon

MARIETTA, GA – BlueGrace Logistics Franchise owner Slade Casey of BlueGrace Marietta (, is running in the 2014 Boston Marathon. Casey qualified for participation in 2014 and will be leading the way for BlueGrace. Slade has been a Franchise owner since 2013 and has since provided a strong presence in the area. Members of the BlueGrace headquarters plan to watch his progress online as he runs for one of the most memorable races to date.

“I am blessed to have qualified at a time when remembrance, sadness and celebration will dominate the emotions of the day. No matter how I perform it will be a special day to be a participant,” says Slade Casey owner of BlueGrace Marietta.

On Monday, April 21st 2014 the world’s oldest annual marathon, The Boston Marathon will take place in Boston, Massachusetts. It is one of 6 world Marathon majors and is ranked as one of the world’s best-known road racing events. The event attracts 500,000 spectators each year, making it New England’s most widely viewed sporting event. This years race is following the tragedies of 2013’s “Boston Marathon Bombing”, and BlueGrace Marietta is proudly sponsoring this event.

BlueGrace Logistics Donates 44 Thousand Pounds of Pet Food to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay

Final group picOur annual “Cats vs. Dogs” Competition Pet Food Drive came to a close on Friday, February 28. This year, BlueGrace raised 44 thousand pounds of pet food – more than twice the amount we collected in 2013! This was undoubtedly one of the largest pet food drives in the country!

The donated pet food will not only go to feed the animals that call the Humane Society of Tampa Bay home, but will also go toward their food assistance programs “Casper’s Cupboard” and “Animeals.”

A number of businesses and organizations donated necessary resources such as pet food, money, transportation services and much more to make this incredible donation possible. We’d like to thank AAA Cooper, FedEx Freight, Rodney Naughton and Joe Peckham of Phillips Pet Food & Supplies, Plant City Fla., Family Feed, Plant City Fla., Kay Brown of Hi-Tek Rations Inc, Dublin, Ga., Feeding America Tampa Bay, Taiga, Riverview, Fla., Reed TMS Logistics, Del Monte, Health Mut, Tamlin Homes, BluePearl Veterinary Partners and Knights Station Feed Depot.

We’re already strategizing how we are going to beat this record next year!


BlueGrace Logistics on Fox & Friends

BlueGrace Logistics was featured on Fox & Friends segment “On the Job Hunt” on Fox News Channel on Tuesday, February 4! This segment discusses companies that are currently hiring. They mentioned how we have open positions in both our Tampa and Chicago office, including sales, customer service and operations.

Check out the clip by clicking here: Fox & Friends – On the Job Hunt 2/4/14

However, there were some errors in the segment that need to be addressed. In the first mention of BlueGrace, the reporter mispronounces our name, saying “BlueGrass Logistics…” Yea, like the music. Just so you know, we’re not hiring banjo players!

They then go onto to describe us a company who does “bubble-wrapping” and say that we’ll “take care of the tape for you.” Well, that is not remotely close to what we do.

We are true consultants. To simplify it, think of BlueGrace Logistics as the Expedia of freight (no pun intended). We have a full staff of freight experts and have built a proprietary and cutting-edge transportation management system called BlueShip. We are the middleman between customers and transportation carriers to provide more options to businesses and bring in more revenue to carriers. Overall, our business model drives productivity into our industry.

Are you interested in learning more about job opportunities with BlueGrace Logistics? Please click here.

MSNBC’s Your Business Invites BlueGrace President & CEO as B2B Social Media Expert

Sunday, January 4, 2014:

MSNBC’s show Your Business invited BlueGrace Logistics President & CEO to their show to speak on B2B Social Media Strategy as a subject matter expert. The CEO of America’s fastest growing Transportation and Logistics Firm and franchise listed on Entrepreneur’s Franchise 500 List brought insight and tips to educate other businesses of America to better understand social media. The interview briefly reviewed the company’s standing in today’s marketplace followed by examples of how BlueGrace utilizes social media, primarily Twitter (the company’s primary platform for social media integration) to build relationships.

“You don’t just want marketing handling your Twitter or your Facebook, you want to everybody engaged,” says Bobby Harris, President and CEO of BlueGrace in the interview with MSNBC.

Bobby Harris continued sharing the importance of why it is a mistake to overlook social media in the B2B World.  Check out the video!

Follow BlueGrace Logistics on Twitter (@MyBlueGrace) and Bobby Harris himself (@BobbyBG_CEO).


Highly Effective Social Media Strategies in a B2B World, Bobby Harris President & CEO of Blue Grace Logistics on MSNBC’s Your Business

For more information on BlueGrace Logistics or BlueGrace Franchise fill out the form below.

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BlueGrace Logistics WILLIAMSBURG (, franchisee of BlueGrace Logistics, announced a successful delivery for Heat Factory USA, as they delivered a “hot” commodity for “IceBowl 2” this Sunday. 70 thousand pairs of packaged hand warmers were delivered to Lambeau Field for Green Bay Packers fans as they take on the San Francisco 49ers for what some call the coldest game in NFL history.

“We value our partnership with Heat Factory USA, and are happy to be part of delivering warmth to the people of Green Bay,” says Tim

Salavejus, Franchise Owner of BlueGrace Williamsburg.

Green Bay will face the 49ers on Sunday January 5, during Winter Storm Hercules at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, WI.
Green Bay will face the 49ers on Sunday January 5, during Winter Storm Hercules at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, WI.

Winter Storm, Hercules, will give the 49ers one of the most frigid welcomes they have ever seen. In the face of extreme weather, long distance and critical timing, BlueGrace was able to provide a solution. The hyper-growth company was able to deliver the 70 thousand hand warmers by noon

on Friday, January 3, in plenty of time to meet the needs of Heat Factory USA and Green Bay Packer fans.

Heat Factory USA ( is a trusted partner of BlueGrace Logistics and is one of America’s most recognized Hand Warmer Company since 1980. Heat Factory is a full C Corporation and Woman Owned Enterprise.

The nationally recognized retailer has sent out a release on this news and it can be found on the Green Bay Packers Official Website. To read the full article, click here.

Guaranteed vs Expedited Shipping

Every day shipments are booked for pickup with LTL carriers, and on occasion those carriers get overloaded and miss the pickup. A serious problem arises when that freight was time critical, such as a manufacturer waiting on freight from their vendors to finish a product. In cases like this, we have seen plants shut down until the freight arrives.

One way to help prevent this situation from occurring is a guaranteed shipment. By placing a day guaranteed on your shipment, the LTL carrier will be responsible if the freight misses that guarantee. They are much more inclined to pick up freight with guarantees attached to avoid paying the freight charges.

In case a carrier does miss the pickup on a time sensitive shipment, an expedited shipment may be required.  A dedicated carrier is called in to move the freight. This carrier picks up the freight and drives straight through until it arrives at the specified delivery location. Shipping costs for Expedited Freight can become expensive, as you are paying for a dedicated truck. However, when you compare the costs of expedited shipping versus the cost of shutting down the manufacturing plant, it may be a bargain.

Freight traveling cross country may require an air rate. When the freight is sitting in Laredo, TX and needs to be in Boston, MA by 10 AM the next day, the freight must be sent by air. This can be very expensive as airline space is very limited.

BlueGrace Logistics are the experts in expedited situations and the phrase our LTL representatives typically hear is “you just saved my job!” The worst feeling in the world as a customer is knowing that your job may be on line if the freight does not arrive. When you have a hotel opening in New York on Saturday and the drapes are still in Alabama on Thursday morning, that sinking feeling in your stomach will not go away until the freight arrives. On Friday morning when the customer calls to say “Thank you! You saved my job!” there is a feeling of significant relief for them – which is the best feeling for our company.

Avoid the stress and don’t play with chance, setup your next time sensitive shipment with BlueGrace Guaranteed services.  In the event you need expedited help, BlueGrace can help you there too.


BlueGrace Logistics

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BlueGrace Logistics Sponsored Two Fighters at UFC Fight Night 27

At UFC Fight Night 27 on Fox Sports 1 on August 28, 2013, BlueGrace Logistics was proud to sponsor two fighters in the main events.  BlueGrace sponsored Carlos “Natural Born Killer” Condit and Brad Tavares in two of the main card fights at UFC Fight Night: Condit vs Kampmann 2 in Indianapolis, Indiana.  Carlos Condit fought in the main event again Martin Kampmann, and ended up having on the top fights of the night.  Condit dominated in a one sided bloody fight (primarily due to Kampmann’s bloody nose) that eventually lead to a TKO win over Kampmann in the fourth round.  The big win sets up the Natural Born Killer with likely another chance at the title when the opportunity comes around.

Five fights before Condit’s fight, Brad Tavares faced Bubba McDaniel in a middleweight bout.  After a close first round, Tavares gruadually took control of the fight between the second and third round eventually leading to a unanimous decision by the judges to award Brad Tavares the win.  This win for Tavares increases his fight record to a clean 11-1 in his MMA career and opens the door for advancement in the UFC.

BlueGrace Logistics is very excited for both fighters on their win and was very proud to be apart of important wins in their career.  Check out some of the awesome pictures we have posted from the fight on the BlueGrace Logistics Facebook page.


BlueGrace Logistics

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BlueGrace Logistics Sponsored Chael Sonnen at UFC Fight Night 26

At the main event of UFC Fox Sports 1 on August 17, 2013, Chael Sonnen surprised the crowd with an explosive performance over former UFC light heavyweight champion Mauricio “Shogun” Rua. Sonnen was a slight underdog entering the fight, but his

BlueGrace Logistics sponsored Chael Sonnen during his big night as he tapped out Shogun in the first round with a guillotine choke in a dominant, one-sided performance. The loss was obviously devastating for Shogun, but Sonnen leaves the fight with multiple fight options.

Another major highlight from the fight, was when Sonnen called out “The Axe Murderer” for a fight during the post-fight recap with Joe Rogan by stating “Wanderlei Silva, six feet tall and 205 pounds, boy, until I met you, I didn’t know they could stack crap that high,” and ended it with “Wanderlei Silva, three months, you and the bad guy.”

BlueGrace is very excited for Chael Sonnen on his win and looks forward to his next fight, probably against Wanderlei Silva.   BlueGrace Logistics was a proud, visible sponsor and can be seen in many of the pictures from the fight! Check out some of the awesome pictures we have posted from the fight on the BlueGrace Logistics Facebook page.


BlueGrace Logistics

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Fitting the Bill – The Benefits of Intermodal Shipping

With Trucking providing competitive rates and shipments more manageable than ever, why would anyone look to an option with limitations such as intermodal shipping? Naturally one would think there is a more efficient option nowadays than using the old Transcontinental Railroad for transporting goods.

The answer may surprise you. Intermodal shipping has actually been on the rise and offers a unique set of benefits that can actually suit some shipments better than the most popular option of trucking.

Pros of Intermodal

  • Typically cheaper than over the road full truck loads
  • Great for long distance Shipments – Coast to Coast or Over 800 miles
  • Multiple rail providers have increased availability and competitive pricing
  • Not estimated rates – Pricing is locked in

With the pros, come the cons of Intermodal

  • Freight cannot be time sensitive
  • Only full loads- cannot move “LTL” – moves as a 53 ft container
  • Must book with 24 hours’ notice
  • MAX weight – 43,500 lbs

How about an example of how Intermodal is great for long distance project moves?

BlueGrace Intermodal freight

A customer of ours was in the midst of plans to relocate their warehouse from Chicago, Illinois to Houston, Texas and needed to ship over 40 full load shipments to their new location.

Seems easy enough, right? For a truckload representative, they think they just got the sale of month! Unfortunately for them, Intermodal priced each load $300 cheaper for than over the road. Instantly, shipping by rail presented a $12,000 difference in savings over the freight spend for 40 full truckloads. If pricing alone wasn’t enough, there were additional benefits that ended up making Intermodal the crucial choice.

During the move they loaded 3 containers per night, staggered the deliveries to by letting them go to the rail yard and sit when needed (rail yards give 1-2 days of free time, in comparison having to pay a driver to sit overnight or get detention on a delivery). In addition, one carrier was scheduling all the appointments which eliminated the confusion with multiple truckload drivers

For this customer, shipping Intermodal made the whole difference. Rail provided them with the flexibility to manage a successful move by saving over $10,000 in freight costs alone, by allowing them the capability to stage the delivery as needed so that the receiving warehouse would not be overloaded, and avoided a potential logistics nightmare with 40 different trucks from different carriers.

Next time you are looking to make a sizable, long distance shipment, make sure to check out any intermodal shipping options.   Contact a rail shipping representative today. You can also request a rail freight shipping quote to see cost savings.


BlueGrace Logistics

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Proof of the Power of Twitter and Employee Ideas

BlueGrace Logistics is always seeking out new ways to keep employees excited about upcoming events and holidays. As a company that supports a strong corporate culture above all else, finding ideas to mix up the BlueGrace experience can be challenging.  With a long history full of successful dress theme and costume days, BBQs, sporting events, chili cook-offs, prize giveaway challenges, charitable competitions, as well as holiday games like Secret Santa and in-office Easter egg hunts, it can be difficult to think of the next great thing.

Recently a BlueGrace employee, Brandice Tossas, took it upon herself to serve up something really cool for BlueGrace Logistics in Riverview, Florida. Before going into what event took the office by storm from this Brandice’s idea and individual effort, it’s important to mention another key part of the BlueGrace culture that made this event possible – Twitter.

BlueGrace Logistics Employee - Brandice Tossas

All employees of BlueGrace Logistics have their own Twitter handle and are encouraged to Tweet regularly, even during business hours when time allows. BlueGrace is heavily involved in all social platforms, and puts an emphasis on employee involvement as part of the general corporate culture. Yet, for this employee’s idea, the company’s social engagement on Twitter brought forth a special opportunity that benefited everyone.

Follow BlueGrace Logistics on Twitter!

Brandice had become aware of a special traveling tour that had been going cross country providing samples of their new products and had the idea of trying to get them to come to BlueGrace Logistics. This was no ordinary product launch tour, this was Ben & Jerry’s Truck Tour offering new flavors of their new Greek Frozen Yogurt flavors! She started tagging Ben & Jerry’s in tweets asking for them to stop by BlueGrace during their Florida tour, and after multiple tweets, she got a response!

With a BlueGrace stop possible for the Ben & Jerry’s Truck Tour, Employees took to Twitter to reinforce Brandice’s request and to express how awesome it would be if the tour stopped by the office. The result?  The Ben & Jerry’s Truck Tour made its official BlueGrace Logistics stop at 11am on Tuesday, May 22nd!

When announced that Ben & Jerry’s had arrived, it was like seeing kids go after an ice cream truck. BlueGrace employees lined up in full force and stood around gloating in the glory of free frozen yogurt. The Florida heat spared us with a slight overcast afternoon so that we could enjoy eating without having the cold treat melt down in seconds.


The event ended up being a huge success by creating a special experience that the employees never had in a corporate setting, got free ice cream to interrupt their work day, and even better got to bond with other co-workers when they normally would not have the chance. In addition, this was only possible through the suggestion of a BlueGrace employee and proof of the power of Twitter in the BlueGrace corporate culture.

See more pictures from the Ben & Jerry’s Truck Tour on BlueGrace Logistics’ Facebook page


BlueGrace Logistics

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The Real Meaning of a Shoulder Ride

As a father to two little girls I have found myself as the proverbial donkey for the last 10 years. It’s a rare occurrence if I’m involved in any sort of walking with my girls, whether it is 20 feet or a mile, my shoulders aren’t carrying one of them. A few months ago I had pulled something in my neck rendering my shoulder ride services useless for a few days. During that time I learned just how lucky I was to be able to give shoulder-rides, albeit amidst the constant whine of newly mobile princesses. I pondered what having the privilege actually meant and listed below are some of what came to mind.

If you are giving a shoulder ride:

  1. You’re probably healthy, strong
  2. You’re carrying someone that loves you dearly
  3. You’re carrying someone that you love dearly
  4. There’s a good chance the rider is your child, in which case you are exponentially blessed for the good fortune of being able to have a child
  5. You’re likely outside or cruising a mall, breathing fresh air
  6. It’s likely you’re off work, probably headed somewhere you really want to be
  7. You almost certainly don’t have a sunburn (not earth shattering but I LOATH sunburns)
  8. You feel safe to walk openly with a small child in public areas; this is not something the entire world enjoys. If you’re lucky enough to be a US citizen then add to your blessings
  9. You’re making someone so very happy and without costing a cent
  10. If you’re not lifting a child, you’re likely lifting a teammate or friend in celebration, again, you are likely healthy and strong.
  11. You like serving others and have a kind heart, which is a true gift

This list could continue for miles but the point is you are amongst the utmost blessed should you find you’re giving a shoulder ride. Healthy, loving, loved, safe, happy, serving, and grateful are all appropriate words for those lucky enough to be carrying another. You are the real 1%, the most fortunate of all in these circumstances.

There is a strong symbolism of a shoulder ride in its power to assist another. Shoulder rides can carry someone else in time of need or simply take a little pressure off someone’s feet for a while. Maybe you can’t lift someone because you’re not near them in distance, maybe you are across the world from them. But chances are, you can lift almost anyone if you have the desire to do so.

There is a potential in all of us to give to others, to support them, and to lift them.

In many of life’s circumstances I find that it’s either necessary or simply a lot of fun if you’re carrying someone, literally or figuratively. As for me, I healed fast that week and have had an added zest for placing my heart on top of my shoulders every chance I get.


Sometimes you get to be the rider…

 Man on the shoulders of another man

 -Bobby Harris

 President & CEO

2013 Best Places To Work Finalist

The Tampa Bay Business Journal announced BlueGrace Logistics as a finalist for the 2013 Best Places To Work. BlueGrace joined 12 other companies who were selected within the “Biggest” category that represented companies with over 101 employees in the Tampa Bay area. This is BlueGrace’s third consecutive year being recognized among the Best Places To Work by the TBBJ.

To be considered in the Best Places To Work selection, Quantum Workplace – a company that utilizes science based tools to study employee engagement, loyalty, and retention – conducts a 37 question survey with employees of the nominated companies.  Results of the specific questions help measure 10 key engagement categories that are calculated in the Best Places To Work, including team effectiveness, employee value, trust in senior management, as well as compensation and benefits. After all surveys are completed and evaluated, each company is given a composite score of which ranks them among other companies in their size category.  The top ranking companies are then selected as the finalists for their category.

BlueGrace Logistics celebrates this honor with its valued employees and will continue to see how it can push the envelope for the exceptional talent that makes this company incredible.

To find out more about BlueGrace Logistics, give us a call at 800.697.4477

BlueGrace Announces New Franchise Website

BlueGrace Logistics is proud to announce the launch of the new franchise Web site – The new site will take the lead in providing franchise specific information for those interested in starting a BlueGrace Logistics Franchise. BlueGrace Franchise site will also provide information on the franchise process, D2: Discovery Day, resources, in addition to providing details on how to apply.

Having been recognized as the fastest growing logistics and transportation company by Inc. 500, BlueGrace offers a powerful franchise opportunity for those who desire growth and success. Franchisees not only gain an industry leading brand name in BlueGrace, but inherit multiple layers of support, BlueShip technology, and resources that will guide any franchise owner whether or not they have experience in the industry.

BlueGrace is also a member of the International Franchise Association (IFA) and supports IFA’s VetFran strategic initiative in creating opportunities for veterans to start franchises.

Visit for more information. To speak with one of our franchise development reps, please call us at 800.MY.Shipping