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#BGInvestigates: Why not use a 3PL?!

No acronym boils the blood of a BlueGrace® Logistics employee more than “3PL”. In our experience, this acronym conveys an adopted meaning that doesn’t give justice to the value added service BlueGrace delivers. We believe 3PL providers should be an extension of your business, not an outsourced process. So instead of a “3PL”, we consider ourselves a Logistics Service Provider.

Phrasing is not the reason that decision makers stray from 3PLs. To further understand the issue, BlueGrace investigated internally. Here are the most common concerns:

 “I’ve been burned by other 3PL’s, so now I steer clear…”

This could be the most common objection to any business considering a new 3PL. To those questioning the use of 3PL’s, we say, “Well you haven’t experienced BlueGrace.” Completely nixing all 3PLs from your life is the wrong move. We have learned the most common reason for failed 3PL partnerships is billing resolutions. At BlueGrace, we take certain precautions to safeguard against mistakes. We know that re-classes and re-weighs are the heartache of any shipper’s existence. Our new and enhanced BlueShip Transportation Management System allows users to enter weight and dimensions into their customized portal; alerting the shipper to contact their rep if the shipment requires special attention (pricing, class, etc.).

Another concern is the lack of education from the provider to the customer. This results in miscommunication and animosity, which potentially leads to a short-lived business relationship. It’s vital for you, the shipper, to understand what we provide. A good Logistics Service Provider (or 3PL) will help their customer understand resources like NMFC codes, cubic capacity and linear feet guidelines.

“If we can be of help, we will. If not, we tell you. We want to create mutually beneficial relationships and properly educate our customers,” says Eric Chambers, Sr VP of Sales.

“You don’t own your own trucks, so why should I trust you with my freight?”

That’s a good question. BlueGrace Logistics has a strong network of top rated carriers to handle our customer’s goods. We use a scorecard with each carrier to monitor overall performance such as damages in transit and punctuality. Our carrier partnerships allow us to negotiate competitive rates on your behalf. Take advantage of the lower costs that the buying power of the right 3PL can get you.

BlueGrace Logistics provides free quotes and internal audits of your current logistics processes. For any questions in regard to your shipping needs call 1.800.MY.SHIPPING

So, we hope this topic was helpful in identifying your concerns in determining whether or not working with a 3PL is right for you. Give us a call, send an email, or follow us on Twitter (@mybluegrace) for more on these important subjects as #BGInvestigates.

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– Jennifer Masters, Business Information Analyst
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Paper, Plastic, Aluminum and Cardboard Only Please!

BlueGrace Logistics corporate recycling programThat’s right, BlueGrace is thrilled to finally adopt a recycling program at the corporate office in Riverview, FL. Although much of our time is spent on computers and phones booking shipments and assisting customers and partners, we noticed just how much waste was filling up in our trashcan! It was time to make a change and do the right thing.

Getting everyone on board is always a challenge. But we’re doing our best to make this a fun and educational experience for our team.

  1. Mark the spot: Huge 95 gallon bins from our friends at Conex Recycling and a dumpster for cardboard from US GreenFiber are outdoors. Multiple smaller trash cans are located throughout the office with the classic round recycling arrow in bright green that reads “Paper Only!” The break room has a special can for all of our plastic wastes and aluminum energy drink cans! We also have a dumpster
  2. Office TVs display interesting facts that explain why caring for the environment is our duty and shocking statistics such as, “The average American uses 7 trees a year in paper, wood, and other products made from trees. This amounts to about 2,000,000,000 trees per year!” YIKES!!!
  3. We love Twitter! It’s only natural to use it to implement our recycling program too. Join us by taking part in #wastelesswed tweets on Wednesdays to connect with communities that also #reduce #reuse and #recycle!
  4. Uh-oh: If the recycle police catch employees dumping recyclable waste in the trash can, they might just get handed a citation! Don’t let these flashing lights catch you!

Needless to say, BlueGrace Logistics has gone green and we’re proud of our progress. Has your company implemented a recycling program? Are you researching how to get started? Perhaps you’re thinking outside the box and doing even more to decrease your carbon footprint as a business. Share your “Going Green” story with us!

Wicked Awesomeness

As the book is about to close on 2011, I took a few minutes to reflect on the events of the past year. Facts and figures are fine, but to truly capture the sentiment of the time, I thought it best to read my own words as the year progressed. I began the year returning from Vegas with the Executive Team at BlueGrace Logistics after having just toured the corporate offices. The epiphany I felt at that moment on the plane was unimaginable. I was inspired. I quickly wrote out a BLOG called “Awesomeness,” detailing the many reasons why, both personal and professional, I was proud to be part of the greatest company on the planet. Our goal at BlueGrace is global domination. Thought some people more mature than I might deem that a silly goal, I know that we’re just getting warmed up!

Now, as I reflect on achieving “awesomeness,” I realize that for 2012 we must set the even bar higher – “Wicked Awesomeness.” Let’s let the other guys compete for 2nd place while we continue to lap them in innovation, progressive leadership, and wicked awesome customer loyalty. The fact is that BlueGrace Logistics is the best thing to happen to transportation since the wheel! We are the game changer because we are literally putting the sport into transportation logistics. Excuses are for other people. Losing is for other people. The sentiments of August, 2010 (You play to win the game) haven’t changed. In fact, we’re just better at it. Because if you’re not playing to win, you might as well just give it to a kid who will use it.

So what makes us wicked awesome?

  • Our innovation is one step ahead of the evolving needs of our customers. We adapt to the changes in the industry but don’t abandon the principles that got us here (Not to mention any names, Gitomer). “Top 10.5 Reasons why Jeffrey Gitomer is a Sales Sellout
  • We understand that our clients single greatest need is to focus on their core competencies. We provide value and solutions to their business needs, allowing them to spend their “15 minutes” the way they most effective for them.
  • We believe in hiring “People, not resumes.” The future of our company lies in the potential of our single greatest asset, our employees. Each person comprises the very foundation of our organization.
  • We understand that customer loyalty is based on how well you serve your customers, and that the customer experience happens long before the first time the phone rings. We want to provide OMG service on every call and will never “Adding insult to injury.”
  • We strive to be the best partner in the business, and provide as much value for our carrier partners as we do our customer. See my “Response to a fool” who feels logistics is still about selling the cheapest price.

The fact is we are the best at everything we do because we say we are. If we didn’t believe we were going to be the best, then we should be in a different business. We aren’t worried about competition because our sole purpose is finding better ways to serve our customers, employees and partners. With that end in mind, we feel that we have been, are now, and always will continue to be the epitome of #wickedawesomeness.

So is there a purpose to my self-aggrandizing, sophomoric rant? Of course there is. I am proud of the accomplishments of my peers this past year. I am more so excited about what we will accomplish this coming year. I never agreed that BLOGS shouldn’t be self-promoting. Our successes will never make the news so I find comfort in the ability to brag about the successes of the hard work of so many. So while you’re trying to balance awesomeness without offending anyone – we’ve moved onto wicked awesomeness! If you aren’t blogging about your awesomeness, maybe your title should be “happy with just good enough.”

-Nick Klingensmith, Director of Sales and Personnel Development
Twitter: TheBGexperience

BlueGrace Logistics Receives FMSDC Certification

BlueGrace Logistics receives FMSDC certification from CNFMSDCBlueGrace Logistics is proud to announce its certification by the Central & North Florida Minority Supplier Development Council (CNFMSDC). As a minority business enterprise (MBE), BlueGrace serves small and large businesses throughout the U.S. by offering best-in-class technology and logistics services such as less than truckload, truckload, air and ocean freight, and other modes of transportation.  The team is excited to receive this membership and looks forward to building relationships through this opportunity.

The CNFMSDC is a corporate member organization, and our primary objective is to help corporations with their supplier diversity efforts. The mission of the CNFMSDC is to provide a direct link between corporate America and minority-owned business enterprises.

To learn more about the CNFMSDC visit their website here.