Wicked Awesomeness

As the book is about to close on 2011, I took a few minutes to reflect on the events of the past year. Facts and figures are fine, but to truly capture the sentiment of the time, I thought it best to read my own words as the year progressed. I began the year returning from Vegas with the Executive Team at BlueGrace Logistics after having just toured the Zappos.com corporate offices. The epiphany I felt at that moment on the plane was unimaginable. I was inspired. I quickly wrote out a BLOG called “Awesomeness,” detailing the many reasons why, both personal and professional, I was proud to be part of the greatest company on the planet. Our goal at BlueGrace is global domination. Thought some people more mature than I might deem that a silly goal, I know that we’re just getting warmed up!

Now, as I reflect on achieving “awesomeness,” I realize that for 2012 we must set the even bar higher – “Wicked Awesomeness.” Let’s let the other guys compete for 2nd place while we continue to lap them in innovation, progressive leadership, and wicked awesome customer loyalty. The fact is that BlueGrace Logistics is the best thing to happen to transportation since the wheel! We are the game changer because we are literally putting the sport into transportation logistics. Excuses are for other people. Losing is for other people. The sentiments of August, 2010 (You play to win the game) haven’t changed. In fact, we’re just better at it. Because if you’re not playing to win, you might as well just give it to a kid who will use it.

So what makes us wicked awesome?

  • Our innovation is one step ahead of the evolving needs of our customers. We adapt to the changes in the industry but don’t abandon the principles that got us here (Not to mention any names, Gitomer). “Top 10.5 Reasons why Jeffrey Gitomer is a Sales Sellout
  • We understand that our clients single greatest need is to focus on their core competencies. We provide value and solutions to their business needs, allowing them to spend their “15 minutes” the way they most effective for them.
  • We believe in hiring “People, not resumes.” The future of our company lies in the potential of our single greatest asset, our employees. Each person comprises the very foundation of our organization.
  • We understand that customer loyalty is based on how well you serve your customers, and that the customer experience happens long before the first time the phone rings. We want to provide OMG service on every call and will never “Adding insult to injury.”
  • We strive to be the best partner in the business, and provide as much value for our carrier partners as we do our customer. See my “Response to a fool” who feels logistics is still about selling the cheapest price.

The fact is we are the best at everything we do because we say we are. If we didn’t believe we were going to be the best, then we should be in a different business. We aren’t worried about competition because our sole purpose is finding better ways to serve our customers, employees and partners. With that end in mind, we feel that we have been, are now, and always will continue to be the epitome of #wickedawesomeness.

So is there a purpose to my self-aggrandizing, sophomoric rant? Of course there is. I am proud of the accomplishments of my peers this past year. I am more so excited about what we will accomplish this coming year. I never agreed that BLOGS shouldn’t be self-promoting. Our successes will never make the news so I find comfort in the ability to brag about the successes of the hard work of so many. So while you’re trying to balance awesomeness without offending anyone – we’ve moved onto wicked awesomeness! If you aren’t blogging about your awesomeness, maybe your title should be “happy with just good enough.”

-Nick Klingensmith, Director of Sales and Personnel Development
Twitter: TheBGexperience