Welcome BlueGrace Franchise Owners!

January 2015

BlueGrace South Mississippi
BlueGrace South Mississippi, Phil Harding
BlueGrace Dallas East
BlueGrace Dallas East, Erick Nyatenya
BlueGrace San Juan Capistrano
BlueGrace San Juan Capistrano, Steve Cohon, Gina Schwartz and Doug Schwartz


November 2014

BlueGrace Indy North  Brian Stutzman
BlueGrace Indy North, Brian Stutzman

“The opportunity to partner with a business such as BlueGrace Logistics has been nothing but wonderful.  I am excited for what the future will hold and having the ability to learn from the best in the business.  During my first year I hope to begin building a positive environment for my office location. One that is fun, hardworking, and passionate about helping businesses with their logistic needs. I look forward to continually meeting everyone within the BlueGrace Logistics network and hope everyone has a great 2015!” – Brian Stutzman