Volume Quotes: Improving processes and turn around times

2013 is a much anticipated year of tremendous process improvements which include getting our customers the information they need faster, more efficiently and with more accuracy. With that said, our customers can now take advantage of our new volume quoting process. You no longer have to wait for a volume quote when booking your shipments. Our new processes allows anyone to get a volume quote with the same speed as an LTL Quote! No more waiting 30-45 minutes, hoping that your customers expectations have ceased on your behalf to deliver. Our new process increases our response time and we are proud to say we can over-deliver volume quoting shipping needs with the same expectations of a standard LTL shipment! Click here for details on differentiating standard LTL shipping with Volume Shipping. 

Time is of the essence and we get that better than anyone else in the business. With our new volume quoting density calculator, combined with the power of the TMS Rate Shop we can provide you with pricing in less than 2 minutes!  The new calculator takes in consideration one very important factor: CUBIC CAPACITY

We’re providing our customers with a quick estimate, reducing turnaround time significantly and giving them more options with more carriers. They will be able to acquire more customers with this new process because the time for them to shop will be reduced significantly and will see that less people will need to be involved with overall operations. Everyone understands that price is a determining factor in sales processes across all industries, but we give our customers an opportunity to sell on value.

To take advantage of our new process there are several things you can do. For more information or to get a quote over the phone call 800.MY.SHIPPING, or send an email to [email protected] You can also ask to request a BlueShip TMS account . When calling to get a quote make sure you have the weight, dimensions and piece count of your shipment(s) available in addition to your pickup and delivery destinations.

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