The Case for 33 ft. Trailers

By Andreas Katsaros, VP Pricing & Procurement 

Discussion of twin trailer travel improvement is a hot topic in Congress.

The adoption of 33 ft. trailers could help ease the driver shortage and keep more trucks off the road. Backed on Capitol Hill by several names in the industry, the concept is fewer trailers will be needed for the same amount of freight volumes. Over a 1-year period approximately 77,000 less trailers will be on the road.

1982:     The year Congress last established standards for length of twin trailers (pups) @ 28ft.

According to the American Transportation Association (ATA), Transportation Research Board (TRB), and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), if 33ft. trailers are implemented nationwide, annually…

  • 8 Billion less miles would be driven
  • 300 Million + gallons gasoline would be saved
  • $2.6 Billion in reduced costs
  • Approximately 456 fewer crashes
BlueGrace Trailer Forecast
33 ft. Trailer Usage Forecast compared to recent industry averages | Source: ATA’s Economics Department