The BG Hashtag Challenge

REVAMPING THE SOCIAL MEDIA ENGAGEMENT IN 2015 – The PowerTweeter Game Just Got Real.

BlueGrace Logistics

43% of businesses permit all of their employees to access social media sites at work, according to a recent survey conducted by Proskauer.  It’s pretty crazy to think that the majority of businesses still believe that employees should be banned from interacting with the world while on the clock-something that all of us here at BlueGrace have so much freedom with and often take for granted.

Since BlueGrace has an open social media policy, it should be used by every employee, every day. We’re passionate about being social and want all of our employees to feel the same way. It’s important for them to see just how much impact 140 characters can make in a day.

We want to hear what you have to say, we want you to be involved and to be social!

So here’s a challenge for you! We challenge you to use our #hashtags and interact with us. Every day. Make it fun, make it interesting, make it YOU.

So, BlueGrace… Do YOU accept this challenge? 

HASH IT OUT! #HashtagChallenge

“Since marketing started the Hashtag cloud, we’ve seen an increase in engagement and it aids in the adoption of social media in the workplace. If you don’t know where to start creating content, start with the HashTag Challenge. It will absolutely revitalize your social efforts” -Natalie Rockefeller, Director of Marketing



Check out some of our social media heroes!

Michelle McCormick @BG_Michelle
Michelle McCormick – @BG_Michelle
Amanda Beauchaine @AmandaBeau_BG
Amanda Beauchaine – @AmandaBeau_BG
Courtney Smith @Courtney_BG
Courtney Smith – @Courtney_BG