The 50th Franchise Benchmark

In May, BlueGrace awarded its 50th franchise, BlueGrace Olympia! New franchise owners Stacey Harold and Logan Plassman stopped by our Tampa office for franchise training and sat with us for a few minutes to talk about their new journey with BlueGrace.

Harold and Plassman are originally from Michigan, lived in Tennessee and found their way to Olympia, Washington in 2006. They describe Olympia as a “very environmental and beautifully landscaped city” where everyone is friendly, laid back and easy going.

They aren’t your average business partners. They are a mother-son team who decided to join forces with BlueGrace. Plassman wanted to build a legacy for himself and eventually for his children. His passion and determination inspired his mother to partner up with him.

Harold previously worked in transportation and decided to research different franchise opportunities with her son Logan. They researched all types of opportunities from fast food chains to cleaning services but found BlueGrace and felt it was a perfect fit.

Both Harold and Plassman are honored to have been awarded our 50th franchise; ready to be in business for themselves hiring talent and building their success.

“We have high end 5-year goals: looking to expand to an office and gain employees – Gain Traction,” says Logan-Plassman, BlueGrace Olympia Franchise Owner.

We asked what the most important thing to them was as a new franchise owner.

”Everything is important,” says Plassman “but getting out, networking and building rapport with customers is the most important thing we’ve learned.”


Pictured from left to right: Stacey Harold and Logan Plassman, franchise owners of BlueGrace Olympia
Pictured from left to right: Stacey Harold and Logan Plassman, franchise owners of BlueGrace Olympia

Of course, there are many challenges when operating a new franchise. They’re aware that at the beginning they will make mistakes, but they’re ready to face them head-on.

“We will make mistakes and learn from them, turn around and attack them,” says Plassman, “we’re looking forward to this awesome opportunity. Looking forward to making it work and making it successful. We’re going to be partners and include ourselves in outside sales.”

When asked if they could give any advice to someone who is considering applying for a BlueGrace Logistics franchise, Harold said, “If considering it, go for it. I have never seen a culture or company so welcoming and supportive. Your success is their success.”

For BlueGrace Headquarters this is a great accomplishment. We have repositioned our process to consider those who are a perfect culture fit and the shoe fits for Team Olympia.

As we continue to expand our network across the country, we’re looking to develop franchises in markets where our footprint does not exist. Some of the markets we’re seeking to expand are St. Joseph, Michigan; New York State; Toledo, Ohio; Denver, Colorado, and Salt Lake City, Utah to name a few.

The 50th franchise benchmark came extremely fast as we’ve only been franchising since 2011. The BlueGrace Franchise Development Team is filling their pipeline with eager candidates each day. However it’s important they take our time with each interested party. From an initial call, 1st Interview with Leadership, Final Interview (which takes place at our office) and researching credentials the process is in-depth but assures a fit for all involved.

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