SMALL TALK: What’s Going on at BG?!

Here are some tid-bits of information from BG Team Members!

RAGAN GREEN  Carrier & Enterprise Solutions Tampa, Florida
Carrier & Enterprise Solutions Tampa, FL


“The carrier and pricing  teams are now participating in the development of resourceful material for our prospects and customers. I’m very excited to be a part of our team’s collective voice.” – Ragan Green




WHITNEY MCKAY Producer, Culture & Community Tampa, Florida
WHITNEY MCKAY    Producer, Culture & Community Tampa, FL



“Right now, I’m really passionate about the company engagement initiatives like Leader Floor Time and the Employee Desk Swap. We have had such a tremendous amount of positive feedback.” – Whitney McKay


AARON MCCLAIN Account Executive Tampa, Florida
AARON MCCLAIN        Account Executive Tampa, FL



“I like our growth and what’s going on with it. There are people being hired every day. Our sales team is seeing more and more resources from management and it’s exciting.” – Aaron McClain