Port of Possibilites: The Expansion of the Port of Tampa

The expansion of a port city can have a strong effect on the host city and its economy. Expansion on the shipping industry in a particular region drives everything from employment to home prices. On September 3, 2007 , the Panama Canal began expansion with a scheduled completion in late 2014. The expansion of the port will allow for larger cargo ships to pass through the canal; which will make shipping out of Asia into the Eastern United States much more cost effective. In order to align with the projected growth in the shipping industry as a result of this expansion, The Port of Tampa has launched an aggressive Port Expansion project as well.

The current global shipping situation mandates that large sea carriers from Asia  must navigate around  South America in order to access the eastern United States, and vice versa. The expansion of the Panama Canal will allow for large sea carriers to pass through, and hence permit a more economical way to ship from Asia to the Midwest and Eastern United States. On July 26, 2012 the Port of Tampa purchased 110 acres from South Bay Corp and Industrial park to facilitate the expansion of the port facility near Gibsonton, FL. This land purchase is setting stage for the Port of Tampa to expand and gain a slice of the anticipated growth in the freight shipping industry as a result of the expansion of the Port of Panama.  The expansion of the Port of Tampa will directly affect our local economy through the addition of jobs and driving local industries.

Blue Grace Logistics has made a reputation for being a progressive freight transportation company focused on providing the very best in cost effective and time efficient services to their customers. The expansion of the Port of Tampa, more specifically the terminal in Gibsonton will put Blue Grace in an even better position to possibly add value to the local economy. Inc. 500 recently recognized Blue Grace Logistics with a Hire Power 2012 award for being a hero in Job Creation. The expansion of the Port of Tampa further positions Blue Grace to possibly offer employment opportunities resulting from increased freight traffic, a few years the changes take place.  We may have the opportunity to help our customers capitalize on more cost effective shipping, which will assist them in growing a more successful business.

Responsibility to the community in which you operate is crucial to business success. Blue Grace Logistics has continually contributed to the success of our local economy. As the expansion of the Port of Panama concludes in 2014, and US ports begin to see increased traffic; the City of Tampa will experience exponential growth. As a national leader in the Logistics and Transportation Industry, Blue Grace Logistics is poised to improve on the services offered to our current and prospective customers. The expansion of the Port of Tampa is an exciting and encouraging sign that our city is and will continue to thrive and be a shining beacon in our nation’s economy.

What impacts do you think this Port Expansion will have on our local economy? Nationally?

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