New Years Logistics Resolutions, Are Yours Set Up To Fail?


The big joke every year is about how people will make a New Year’s Resolution and never follow through with it. There are fixes to every problem, yet some are indeed very tough to overcome. For example, to lose weight you have to burn more calories than you consume for a very long period of time. That is tough. Why? Because pizza is delicious! There is always next year right?

Here are a few New Year’s Freight Solutions for businesses that can be completed, but will require some additional work on the both the part of the shipper and their 3PL partner.

Resolution 1: Stop our manual freight processes.

There are many manual processes in freight:

  • Freight Quoting
  • Freight Booking
  • Freight Tracking
  • Handwriting Bills Of Lading
  • Looking up a Routing Guide
  • Filing Claims
  • Following Up on Claims
  • Freight Reporting
  • KPI measurement

All of the manual processes above are actions that BlueGrace does for you! Now removing those manual processes sounds like a huge New Years resolution for any business, doesn’t it? See? This resolution thing is not so hard, and there is no pizza temptation involved! BlueGrace gives you the spark your supply chain needs to perform in 2016.

Resolution 2: Stop shipping with low tier carriers

As a leader in the 3PL marketplace, the BlueGrace sales staff hears “Save Money” and “Cost is King” very often. As with most items that cost money, you pay for what you get. Let’s go back to the diet example; people with the New Year’s resolution of eating better are not going to McDonalds and ordering off of the dollar menu. They have to pay a little more for fresh vegetables, lean meats, etc. because if they don’t they gain more weight. If you ship with a low tier carrier you should expect to be disappointed and actually accrue additional charges . The freight is most likely to be delayed and/or get damaged in transit. Pay a little more and show you actually care about your product.

Resolution 3: If you are using a ERP or WMS system, get integrated!

Integration removes all order manual processes. The BlueGrace Technology team loves these types of integration projects. Our IT team works closely with you to create a supply chain and logistics solution that will change the way you ship in 2016. These types of integrations are standard fare with BlueGrace customers. Where does the New Year’s dieter example fit in to this? They will need to integrate all the items necessary to lose weight in order to be successful, such as caloric intake, food choices and exercise. Only when all the systems are talking together will any resolution be successful.

Your business is capable of completing your resolutions in 2016, but it will take work.

Your business is capable of completing your logistics and freight resolutions in 2016, but it will take work. A solid 3PL such as BlueGrace Logistics will be your best option to help. At BlueGrace, we continue to push the freight innovation envelope and create lasting value for our customers as a one-stop transportation management solution. Reach out to us today to find out more!