My Franchise Is Like My Second Child – Entrepreneur

As the youngest franchise owner in the BlueGrace Logistics franchise system, Dusty King says his job is similar to raising his three year old daughter. Why? He loves and invests time in both, and believes that both will grow into “honest contributors to society.” Here’s what King has learned as a franchisee and father.

Name: Dusty King

Franchise owned: BlueGrace Logistics in Atlanta, Ga.

How long have you owned a franchise? 2 1/2 years

Why franchising?

Having the proven system in place is invaluable. Not having to start from scratch is a huge step forward in creating a business. You’re able to take a proven business model and add your personal efforts toward achieving your goals. This allowed me to focus solely on obtaining new business and not so much on creating back end systems that businesses need to run on a day to day basis.

What were you doing before you became a franchise owner?

I was an operations manager for a partner franchise in the BlueGrace system.

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