May The 4th Be With You at BlueGrace!


Grab your Jedi robes and lightsabers. BlueGrace is celebrating Star Wars Day on May the Fourth. We hope to see everyone wearing their favorite Star Wars shirts and rooting for their favorite characters as we’ll be having the movies streaming on our TV’s all day. Remember, Jedi’s and Sith alike wear long robes, so please no shorts or flip flops! Both the dark and light sides are permitted. No excuses, remember there is no try.

Ladies, feel free to put your hair in Leia buns. Gentleman, it may be a little late to start growing your Padawan braid…Please leave your Stormtrooper helmets at home as we don’t predict any rebellion uprisings Wednesday. If you have any questions, please reach out to the Jedi Council for guidance (Culture Club). 

See you there….and remember,

What is happening now at the BlueGrace Logistics office:

All Star Wars movies are playing back to back! Darth Vader is calling meetings! Yoda is blowing up!