How To Optimize Your Transportation Program in Only 6 Weeks


Empowerment. It’s a heck of thing. The ability to make sound decisions and to enforce those decisions is what business owners and executives live for. Lately however, this empowerment can leave you feeling helpless when it comes to making changes. Minimum wage, government regulation, employee health care and retirement are just some of the issues that businesses can do little about. Your transportation and freight department is an area where you can feel helpless to make changes, but with the right partner and tools, you can make financial changes that can effect your entire company.

Your Company’s Exceptional Growth

Businesses with 20-150 employees typically show strong growth. The transportation departments spend is typically between $500k to $2M a year. Are those numbers what you’re supposed to be spending? An empowered business owner or executive could tell you that answer. With growth comes additional transportation expenses. For example, when selling to Wal-Mart or Amazon did they charge back $2000 a month because their shelves weren’t stocked or shipments didn’t arrive to the distribution center on time? Is that $2000 allocated to transportation spend on the general ledger? It should be.

To better understand if your business could benefit from a change, ask yourself if your transportation program is in one of these 4 current states:

  1. Are you getting invoices from multiple freight carriers with no transportation management software (TMS) in place?

  2. Are you using a 3PL (Third Party Logistics Provider) that is not delivering what they promised as far as transparency and new opportunities?

  3. Is your 3PL charging a gain share or audit fee?

  4. Are you using direct freight carriers but having the invoices sent to an audit company to process and pay?

If you said yes to any of these 4 items it might be time to review your current transportation program and make some changes that will benefit your entire business.

Optimize your transportation program in only 6 weeks. Let BlueGrace show you how.

If you feel like your current transportation program is unsustainable or has room for optimization, we have an exciting new program for your business. BlueGrace Logistics has developed the ‘Fast Start 6 Week Program’ especially for new customers that have become discouraged with their current systems. With this new program, we work directly with your team to establish a new and optimized transportation program in only 6 Weeks.

The BlueGrace 6 Week process:

  1. Discovery Call: In a 30-minute discovery call, we’ll review the details about your current transportation program and determine all of your areas for improvement.
  2. Overview Presentation: After we review your provided freight data, we set an overview call to review the Fast Start program. In the next 6 weeks we will fully transform your transportation program. We’ll schedule an onsite visit to your location days after the call, and then set a final proposal date.
  3. Onsite Meeting: Once onsite, we can identify the areas of improvement, create a density study of your freight, meet with your department stakeholders to develop work flows and create ongoing communication strategies with your team.
  4. Program Development: In the next few weeks, we will begin implementing your program. With fluid and open communication between BlueGrace and your business, we will be able to fully develop your transportation management system.
  5. Launch: On the first day of the 7th week, your new transportation program will launch. You will feel a new sense of empowerment as you shed the weight of a transportation program that no longer works for your growing business. Congratulations, you’re now Shipping Smarter with BlueGrace Logistics!

To learn more about our program, please schedule your Discovery Call using the form below or call the BlueGrace Team directly at: 888-752-0443


Give Us 6 Weeks And We Will Improve Your Current Transportation Program.
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