FOTM June // Pete Foradas // BlueGrace 809 Columbus Central

Pete Foradas

Name: Peter Foradas

Franchise owned: 809 | BlueGrace Logistics Columbus Central

How long have you owned a franchise?

For 2 years

Why Pete?

Pete is only the second franchise to ever win twice. Way to go Pete!


Pete has consistently been growing his numbers over the last month. With this growth, he is currently in the process of hiring 3 new employees; 2 in sales and 1 admin professional. Pete is a great business owner, establishing a dynamic business plan that he monitors and adjusts as needed for his internal demands.


Pete has worked with the support team on quarterly business reviews for his larger customers, utilizing corporate knowledge of the industry. He is consistently attending training calls, and frequently makes visits to the BlueGrace Logistics corporate office for training.


Above all – Pete is continuously working with his customer to grow his business. Let’s congratulate Pete on being these months Franchise of the Month!



BlueGrace Logistics Columbus Central

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  • Susan Foradas

    July 9, 2015

    Congratulations, Pete! So proud of you!!!

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