Does social media marketing and visibility have real impact? If so, BlueGrace Logistics is ahead of the curve.

The use of social media in the business world has plenty of skeptics based on the ROI (or lack thereof) associated with the time and resources put into this medium.  Historically it has been extremely hard to pinpoint exactly what lasting effect social media has on customers, partners, clients, ect.  An article released by Fast Company in August has boldly put a number on this mythical social media ROI: $1.3 Trillion.

How can you make sure you and your company are getting a piece of this enormous potential pie? Take these 3 ideas from BlueGrace Logistics to jumpstart your social media:

1.       Infuse Social Media with your Company Culture

BlueGrace Logistics doesn’t just have a Twitter account, Facebook, and LinkedIn page, they actually USE THEM! And so do their employees. BlueGrace’s open social media policy has turned Twitter into a companywide communication tool. Important news and events, success stories, helpful articles, and some really fun engagement can be found being shared daily between BlueGrace’s employees.

2.       Does social media direction come from the top?

BlueGrace Logistics’ most senior leaders are all truly bought in to the lasting effect social media can have in the business world. Founder and CEO Bobby Harris, has held “Twitter Boot Camps” for new employees introducing them to the do’s and don’ts of social media. He is a huge supporter of BlueGrace’s open social media policy and often ends announcements or emails by saying “Remember to Tweet!”  Also, BlueGrace’s COO Randy Collack is an avid Twitter user and BlueGrace employees love his occasional Twitter music trivia contests he sends out!

When your company’s most respected leaders are utilizing social media the right way, it fuels the fire that is needed for a company to have great social media visibility.

3.       Be Content Aware. Yes, even employees.

It goes without saying that your company could have a plan for the type of information you will be sharing, what message you are trying to deliver, and what goals you have for your social media marketing. But these principals should apply to employees social media accounts as well. Each individual should consider themselves as their own brand underneath your parent company. With that in mind, be careful what you share! Is this information relevant to your overall message? Does its content align with your company’s values? It is important for customers and partners to see that your company is not run by robots but instead real people with thoughts and emotions. But also be careful not to involve yourself too heavily in religious, political, and other sensitive topic debates.  Adding social media training for new hires, like BlueGrace Logistics, is a good way to set expectations for all employees.

Take our advice and GET SOCIAL! Some of that $1.3 Trillion could be yours.