BlueGrace Will Battle Again At SportsFest 2016


Where’s one place you can catch employees and executives battling side-by-side in the sandy trenches of a beautiful Florida beach? America II Corporate SportsFest, that’s where!

Once a year 200+ companies from across Tampa Bay compete at the America II Corporate SportsFest for one thing: the Championship Title! This year will be BlueGrace’s 5th year competing in the event and our biggest team to date with 70 players. Never before have you seen such camaraderie covered in tanning oil; just bring your team spirit and game-face… no athletic skills necessary!

With five events to participate in, co-workers have a chance to bond with some good ol’ competition. Our staff has nearly doubled in size since last year’s fest, with a record-breaking 22 new hires that started this Monday, April 18th, it’s the perfect opportunity to get to know some of our NewGracers! Chris Smalley, our IT Administrator and Team Captain tells us how beneficial the games are for BlueGrace:

“At BlueGrace, our employees are competitive, from corn hole games to corporate sales contests, the BlueGrace staff is always ready as a team to produce winning results. SportsFest gives our team the opportunity to bring that competitiveness to the beach and go up against other great Tampa Bay companies!” 

Effective Teamwork Can Yield Massive Results

Effective teamwork can yield massive results, in the sand or the workplace. Listed below are just some reasons to participate in team-building activities within your company.

  • Creates unity where everyone is focused on a common goal
  • Encourages employees take ownership in the company’s success
  • Keeps everyone on a level playing field promoting a leaner business model
  • Increases the ability to adapt by fostering flexibility
  • Boosts morale by encouraging achievement

Though BlueGrace employees make it look easy to function as a team in the workplace, it doesn’t happen automatically. Ideas for team building activities come from all employees, including our company Culture Club, and are supported by our Leadership Team. BlueGrace schedules group activities including company softball, kickball, and monthly themed office days like barbeques, corn hole tournaments, and #FreeBeerFriday (after 3pm).  We even have a weekly company-wide CEO meeting every Monday. Each event allows employees to engage with one another to build stronger relationships and contribute more effectively in a team environment. Since 2011 BlueGrace Logistics has been recognized as both a Best Place to Work and a Top Work Place from the Tampa Bay Business Journal & the Tampa Bay Times. BlueGrace has also been recognized as TINYpulse’s Happiest Company in Transportation & Logistics.

Do You Want To Join Our Team?

To join our team of MVP’s, check out our careers page or see our job listings and reviews on Did you participate in SportsFest this year? Does your company conduct regular team building activities? Tell us about it!