BlueGrace South Carolina Has A Pet Friendly Workplace

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BlueGrace is always being recognized for our outstanding unique culture. Most of our franchise offices implement it quite well. Bill Demet, owner of BlueGrace South Carolina, has a small modern workplace but allows his employees to do something that most of our offices don’t, he has a pet friendly workplace.

“I’ve always been a firm believer of having pets in the workplace,” says Bill, “when I started Blue Grace South Carolina in 2011, I made a commitment to not only allow, but encourage employees to bring their dogs to the office. In the early days, my yellow lab, George, was the first and only employee. I learned very quickly that George initiated a family environment and made me more comfortable during the day. My first employee was presently surprised when I told him to bring his dog to work. We currently have 3 dogs that join us daily in the office. The dogs have allowed our company to feel family friendly and bring much joy to the daily rigors of work.”

Research shows about 20 percent of companies in the United States allow their employees to bring their pets to work, most commonly dogs.

BlueGrace South Carolina believes there are benefits to having your furry friend at work:

1. They lower the stress level – Having a four legged friend at work can make you smile. That’s enough to lower the stress in any given situation.

2. They help break the ice – It’s not easy to strike a friendly conversation during an important business meeting, but having a pet in the office can make light of an uncomfortable situation.

3. They force you to step away from work- especially when you’re on the tightest of deadlines, they still have to “go”! Taking that few minutes to stretch your legs while walking the dog can clear your mind and increase productivity throughout the day.

“A pet friendly office contributes to the overall casual and comfortable work environment we have,” says Bill, ”this ultimately allows us to focus on the important things: being creative, collaborative, and serving the customer.”