Paper, Plastic, Aluminum and Cardboard Only Please!

BlueGrace Logistics corporate recycling programThat’s right, BlueGrace is thrilled to finally adopt a recycling program at the corporate office in Riverview, FL. Although much of our time is spent on computers and phones booking shipments and assisting customers and partners, we noticed just how much waste was filling up in our trashcan! It was time to make a change and do the right thing.

Getting everyone on board is always a challenge. But we’re doing our best to make this a fun and educational experience for our team.

  1. Mark the spot: Huge 95 gallon bins from our friends at Conex Recycling and a dumpster for cardboard from US GreenFiber are outdoors. Multiple smaller trash cans are located throughout the office with the classic round recycling arrow in bright green that reads “Paper Only!” The break room has a special can for all of our plastic wastes and aluminum energy drink cans! We also have a dumpster
  2. Office TVs display interesting facts that explain why caring for the environment is our duty and shocking statistics such as, “The average American uses 7 trees a year in paper, wood, and other products made from trees. This amounts to about 2,000,000,000 trees per year!” YIKES!!!
  3. We love Twitter! It’s only natural to use it to implement our recycling program too. Join us by taking part in #wastelesswed tweets on Wednesdays to connect with communities that also #reduce #reuse and #recycle!
  4. Uh-oh: If the recycle police catch employees dumping recyclable waste in the trash can, they might just get handed a citation! Don’t let these flashing lights catch you!

Needless to say, BlueGrace Logistics has gone green and we’re proud of our progress. Has your company implemented a recycling program? Are you researching how to get started? Perhaps you’re thinking outside the box and doing even more to decrease your carbon footprint as a business. Share your “Going Green” story with us!