BlueGrace Logistics is Expanding Corporate Headquarters

2014-04-28 09.40.28

One of America’s fastest growing private companies and the fastest growing third party logistics company in the industry has officially announced the date of it’s corporate office build out expansion. On May 15, 2014, the company will begin phase one of bringing all their employees under one roof. BlueGrace is currently operating in two building adjacent to one another in Riverview, Florida. In Q1, the hyper-growth company added 51 employees to their roster of talent, with 4 positions actively open to fill within the next 30 days. In addition to expanding this office, they are building a new office in the Chicago Market (Oakbrook to be exact).

The surging company grew 30% over last year in revenue and employee size, and with the explosive growth comes making room for new members. While most companies are finding it difficult to hire employees out of college, BlueGrace has over 70% Millennial’s working for the company.

The new, modern workplace which includes themed days and open social media policy and #FreeBeerFriday fosters an attractive culture for driven young professionals. The company’s leadership team has also adopted several and ongoing employee feedback systems which allow their employees at all levels to have a voice in change. From operational procedure to culture events and activities- the company is focused on keeping employees happy as their first priority; customers come second.

“I know it might sound backwards to a lot of people, but keeping our employees happy is our first priority. You can’t effectively serve your customers if the people who interact with them are miserable at work,” says Bobby Harris President and CEO of BlueGrace Logistics.

BlueGrace is always seeking new talent and is already executing the expansion plan immediately. For more information on BlueGrace visit