BlueGrace Logistics is Busting Through the Walls


BlueGrace Logistics is literally busting through walls as they continue to experience extreme growth with new hires and acquistions.

What was once a small space that housed 24 employees, is now a buzzing 29,000 square foot office space that is home to a whopping 262 employees; and that number is steadily increasing on a weekly basis. BlueGrace is growing at such a rapid speed that they purchased the entire building of 55,000 sq. ft., that once held 2 businesses and is currently pushing through to the next office space.

Big Is Better, But Culture Is #1

BlueGrace may be increasing in size and hiring a large number of people, but they are making sure that the right person is being hired for the right job and fits in with the culture.

“It is one thing to hire a lot of people, it is something entirely different to bring in a bunch of talented people, invest heavily into them and ensure they begin successful long-term careers with BlueGrace” says Executive Vice-President, Adam Blankenship.  “The team at BlueGrace has also developed a culture and work environment that welcomes new employees and encourages them to interact with their new co-workers in fun and competitive ways,”  Blankenship went on to say, “with our company growth, our commitment to people and culture we truly are helping people build careers in logistics here at BlueGrace.”

You spend half of your life at work, so let’s make it a fun place. – Bobby Harris, CEO/Founder

The BlueGrace culture is something that most companies try to replicate, but are unsuccessful in doing so. From Free-Beer-Fridays and relay races to charitable events and mentor programs, BlueGrace is proactive in keeping employees excited about coming to work and spending time focusing on company goals.

Hiring new employees and physically increasing in size, isn’t the only contributing factor to the rapid growth of BlueGrace. BlueGrace is in the process of several acquisitions and franchise buy-backs that will continue throughout 2016.


Bobby Harris – BlueGrace Logistics CEO/Founder Takes the First Swings for Demolition!

Bobby Demo

A peek inside the new space! 

hole in wall