Becoming a Freight Truck Broker

Becoming a Freight Truck Broker

So you’re interested in becoming a freight truck broker? I’m sure you already know that being a broker in this industry can be extremely exciting: you have unlimited earning potential, the freedom to create your own hours and full control of your career! What you may not know is that the freight brokerage world is full of unknowns and surprises, which is why many people choose to open a Blue Grace franchise instead of going in this business all alone. When you open a BlueGrace franchise, you get all of the excitement of the industry, plus full support and assistance when you need it.

One of the great things about opening your own BlueGrace franchise is that not only do you own your business, but you also get a full package of teams to help you along the way. A dedicated member from the Franchise Support Team is always available to help you with any issues or questions you may run into. The Marketing department will help promote your business through print, TV and social media. And finally, your customers get to use BlueShip 3.0, the most innovative Transportation Management System to date.

As a broker, you’re another agent, but why be an agent when you can own a TRUE business?  Contact us today to find out what it takes to become an entrepreneur and take ownership of your career.

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