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BlueGrace Logistics Awards 2017 Innovator of the Year to project44

BlueGrace Logistics annual award goes to the company they recognize as having the greatest impact on their business and industry via new innovation. They selected project44 from a group of hundreds of service providers that offer products, services, or programs. BlueGrace relies on its partners to provide best in class service while creating new and energizing offerings to the market. Bobby Harris, CEO of BlueGrace Logistics, stated “project44 went far beyond expectations for BlueGrace in 2017 and continues to rapidly expand their relationship with us by offering unique services. We couldn’t ask for a better partner.”

project44’s technology is integrated with their BlueShip TMS, creating new speed and visibility for customers not found in other 3PL TMS (Transportation Management System) solutions. Currently BlueGrace is utilizing the LTL, VLTL and TLV products available from project44.

“BlueGrace leads the industry by investing in innovative technology to deliver seamless services that meet their customers’ evolving transportation needs,” said Jett McCandless, CEO and Founder of project44. “They recognized very early on the value of automating manual processes and replacing outdated EDI connections. We’re proud to work with such a fast-growing and technology-focused logistics provider and to receive this award from them.”

Congratulations to project44 for their 2017 Innovator of the Year Award.


About project44

project44 enables you to deliver stronger value to your customers, through the power of information. By digitizing the entire shipment lifecycle, we ensure access to the right information, at the right time—creating a smarter end-to-end shipping experience. With project44, automate the full shipment lifecycle from quote-to-invoice to see real-time, end-to-end information symmetry. Our multimodal, one-to-many model gets you connected to the largest network of capacity providers in the most streamlined way, empowering you to immediately support new automations and carriers without spending IT resources or wasting time on complex integrations, improving the productivity and efficiency of your entire business.

Learn more:


About BlueGrace Logistics

Founded in 2009, BlueGrace Logistics is one of the fastest growing leaders of transportation management services in North America. As a full-service third-party logistics provider (3PL), BlueGrace helps businesses manage their freight spend through industry leading technology, high level freight carrier relationships and overall understanding of the complex $750 Billion U.S. freight industry. BlueGrace is headquartered in Riverview, Florida with over 12 corporate locations across the U.S. For more information, visit


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Carrier Spotlight: UPS Capital Insurance Agency, Inc.


BlueGrace logistics is partnering with UPS Capital Insurance Agency, Inc. (UPSCIA) to provide quality protection for carrier’s goods in transit. Our specialized logistics knowledge, proven industry experience and enhanced supply chain visibility allows UPSCIA to offer insurance services you may not find with typical risk mitigation providers.

Why UPS Capital Insurance Agency, Inc.?

A lost, damaged or delayed delivery can result in revenue loss and a ruined reputation. That’s why UPSCIA offers a variety of options that deliver affordable cover­age to protect BlueGrace customers against loss or damage to freight shipments. This wide range of insurance products helps avoid delays and protects your bottom line in the unlikely event of a disruption.

Features of the protection program:

  • Covered losses are valued at replacement cost at destination, as determined if applicable by commercial invoice plus freight
  • Declare values easily through BlueShip®
  • Covers multi-carriers

Benefits of the protection program include:

  • Simple claims process delivers efficient resolution and settlement
  • Ease of use – insure freight shipments seamlessly through BlueShip
  • Coverage flexibility – coverage applies to any freight carrier you choose through BlueShip®
  • Fast claims resolution

Protecting your freight shipment:

Customers can select UPSCIA protection directly through BlueShip®. The freight management system will automatically calculate the total insurance charges for the transaction entered as determined by the commodity being shipped, mode of transportation and final destination.


UPSCIA protection is based on a commoditized pricing structure. The cost of protection will be calculated by the freight management system and presented for final review and acceptance before completing your transaction.

Limits of protection:

Customers can select coverage for goods up to $100,000 in value, per shipment. Shipments exceeding $100,000 will need to obtain additional approval from UPSCIA. (Maximum Insurable Value: $1,000,000 per shipment) 

Additional services offered by UPS Capital, a UPSCIA affiliate company

UPS Capital, an affiliate of UPSCIA, offers a wide range of products and services designed to meet all of your supply chain needs. Customers searching for additional supply chain solutions can visit our website at and discover a wide range of products and services designed to improve cash flow, reduce trade credit risk, and securely accept payments.


Get A Free Freight Quote with Insurance Today!

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Understanding and Managing Your Hazardous Materials Supply Chain (hazmat)

Shipping Hazardous Materials

Any company that ships hazmat knows that every piece of the puzzle needs to be perfect before the freight gets moving. Between surcharges, accessorial fees, packing groups and hazmat classes, every aspect of each shipment needs to be in its place or else someone gets fined.

With the government mandates and regulations so heavily involved in every aspect of the transportation industry, it is imperative for a logistics coordinator or a third-party logistics (3PL) provider to be knowledgeable and current with industry and carrier regulations. Here is where it can get sticky for some providers who may not have excellent carrier relationships.

Our relationship with our carriers is different.

Our relationship with our carriers is different. They are as important to us as our customers, so it is to our benefit to work with them to stay up to date on industry and carrier regulations. We are constantly training our transportation and freight representatives as well as communicating weekly with our ‘Carrier Update’ that goes out to our entire company, not just sales!

How BlueGrace is Different

BlueGrace is different than other 3PLs for several reasons, but one that sticks out above the rest; Business Intelligence and Transparency.

Business Intelligence and Transparency

A massive agriculture chemicals manufacturer in the United States was with another large 3PL when an opportunity came across for BlueGrace to do a consultative review. Upon conducting the review and data engineering screening, this company felt that BlueGrace offered greater transparency and pricing structure than their current provider and ultimately made the switch.

See How BlueGrace Helped an Agriculture Chemicals Manufacturer Realize a Cost Savings of 14% YOY

Download Case Study

Use a Proven 3PL for Your Hazmat



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All Hands on Deck for 2017 Backpacks of Hope

Back to School Can Stir Up Many Emotions

A new school year can bring about many emotions. For parents with kids entering kindergarten or their senior year of high school, the first day of school tends to be showcased on social media as a happy and exciting time. What you may not see though, are the extra hours a parent had to put in at work to get their kid a new backpack, or that the youngest of 4 kids is using her oldest sister’s school supplies from last year because the parents couldn’t afford to get all new ones.

Fresh Start for Kids Each Year

What is supposed to be a fresh start to a new year, can mean stress to their families. For this reason, BlueGrace Logistics has partnered with Metropolitan Ministries for the last 6 years, to collect school supplies for “Backpacks of Hope.”

The average cost of school supplies exceeds $600

The average spend on school supplies exceeds $600 and this expenditure can be a huge struggle for many families, and BlueGrace Logistics wants to help in our communities.

It’s All About the Kids

According to the National Center for Education Statistics “In 2015, approximately 14.7 million children under age 18 were in families living in poverty.”

BlueGrace Logistics has regional offices in Boston, Baltimore, Richmond, L.A. and Chicago with additional branch offices scattered throughout the United States. Most BG offices seek out local charities and generate fundraisers around their specific initiatives.

BlueGrace Chicago has partnered with the Chicago Children’s Advocacy Center to raise school supplies for children.

“Our donations only help a fraction of the kids in need throughout the world, but we find hope in the fact that if enough people or organizations like ours, are willing to work together for such a great cause, that number can become much larger,” said Joannah Kalisz, Account Executive, BlueGrace Chicago.

Metropolitan Ministries

Metropolitan Ministries of Tampa Bay, provides backpacks, uniforms, and school supplies to more than 250 children in their care and more than 2,200 in the community at large. All donations help ensure that every child is prepared for the school year.

A backpack carries more than just school supplies.

“Drives like this with Metropolitan Ministries, mean so much to our organization as we have a huge place in our hearts for children and want to make a difference in their lives. Most of our efforts throughout the year focus around children and animals because they are the most vulnerable and don’t always have a voice. said Whitney McKay, Marketing & Brand Manager.

See What BlueGrace has to Say about Backpacks Of Hope

Caring for All Others | It’s What We Do

Core Value number 1 at BlueGrace is Be Caring of All Others and Backpacks of Hope is just one of the many ways we can express that core value. We believe our people make the difference and we strive to create an environment where our employees truly feel like family and feel the urge to help others.

“We understand that when you’re excited about the company you work for and feel like you’re part of a purpose, you’ll inevitably be more fun to work with, loyal and highly effective in your role,” says Whitney McKay, Marketing & Brand Manager at BlueGrace. “Since day one of my six years at BlueGrace there’s been something organic and genuine about our culture. It doesn’t matter how much we grow, you just can’t get the same experience anywhere else.”

We strive to create an environment where our employees truly feel like family and feel the urge to help others.

“Giving back to the community gives us a purpose, it’s a huge part of who we are as an organization. Being caring is engrained in our company culture,” said Courtney Smith, Culture & Engagement Manager at BlueGrace Logistics. “It’s easy to keep the culture alive when you have a core foundation like Bobby has created.” 

Do you want to help?

If you feel the desire to help, no matter how small, please reach out to the organizations below to donate your time, money or supplies.

Metropolitan Ministries – Outreach Center

Tampa, Florida
2301 North Tampa Street
Tampa, FL 33602


Chicago Children’s Advocacy Center

1240 S. Damen Ave.
Chicago, IL 60608

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BlueGrace Logistics Hosts Open House Event

Photo Cred: Dosia White Photography

Since it’s inception in January of 2009, BlueGrace has provided transportation management services for companies that ship. From one-time-shippers to multi-million dollar accounts, BlueGrace works to make each customer’s business, better. Over the last 8 years, BlueGrace has opened its doors to vendors and customers alike, but never in this capacity.

Over the last 8 years, BlueGrace has opened its doors to vendors and customers alike, but never in this capacity.

On Friday, June 2, BlueGrace Logistics hosted an Open House and invited local vendors, partners, customers and potential customers to see both the recent building expansion and the rebranding efforts.

While BlueGrace is no stranger to a good time, this event proved to be one for the record books.

Nearly 350 people, including BlueGrace employees, enjoyed food provided by a Tampa favorite — Datz, uniquely crafted coffee by the Coffee Divas, music by Wild Out Entertainment, Tampa Bay Lightning alumni Bryan Bradley, Thunderbug and the Lightning Girls.

Being the preferred shipper of the Tampa Bay Lightning has its perks.

“Our partnership with the Lightning has provided us with some incredible opportunities for our employees, customers and vendors, and having Tampa Bay hockey legend Bryan Bradley draw up a hockey play on our white board, was probably one of the coolest things about the Open House,” said Adam White, Director of Marketing at BlueGrace Logistics.

Welcome to BlueGrace Logistics

Guests were welcomed into the new, state-of-the-art reception lobby that tripled in size since the buildout.

Photo Cred: Dosia White Photography & BlueGrace Employees Social Media Posts

“We didn’t just usher our guests to the party, we wanted to show them our growth with an exclusive tour of the newly expanded, 55,000 sq ft building,” said Whitney McKay, Marketing and Brand Manager at BlueGrace Logistics. “Our conference rooms, collaborative spaces, and breakrooms have unique names and we wanted to explain to our guests, what these rooms meant to us and our culture.” McKay, continued.

The tour started in the “OG” breakroom appropriately named “Comfortably Numb” where guests were offered to partake in a BlueGrace culture staple “Free Beer Friday”.

“Our leadership allows us to endulge after a long, hard week at work. Every Friday at 3 o’clock, our employees participate in ‘Free Beer Friday’ and are allowed to drink some beer at their desk to close out their work week,” said Beth Clark, Content Manager at BlueGrace Logistics. “This culture is something we needed to share with our guests to understand the machine that is BlueGrace.”

Humane Society of Tampa Bay Adoptables

Photo Cred: Dosia White Photography & BlueGrace Employees Social Media Posts

Groups of 10-15 guests were taken through the brief, yet extremely successful history of BlueGrace as they walked through the expansive office space. Halfway down the nearly eighth-of-a-mile long office building, they were greeted by the Humane Society of Tampa Bay and their adoptable animals.

BlueGrace Logistics Loves Animals and the Partnership with HSTB is always top-of-mind so they were a perfect addition to the Open House event.

Our Culture is Unmatched

Collaborative spaces, state-of-the-art training and conference rooms, and free beer isn’t all we offer our employees. The final stop on the tour for our guests — Paradise City.

The final stop on the tour for our guests — Paradise City.

“This breakroom is a space for our employees to take a break during the work day and either relax in an oversized bean bag, play a game of ping-pong or to shoot some corn-hole.” said McKay.

Photo Cred: Dosia White Photography & BlueGrace Employees Social Media Posts

When walking into the breakroom, Paradise City, guests were cheerfully greeted by some of the Tampa Bay Lightning Girls, TB Alumni Bryan Bradley, and their famed mascot, Thunderbug.

“You could feel the energy. The event was supposed to show our guests what it’s like to work at BlueGrace and to Celebrate our Growth; I feel like we nailed it.” said White.

Food, Fun and Entertainment

When planning an event, there are boxes that need to be checked, and food comes to the top of that list. Datz, a Tampa Bay staple, was the perfect business to partner with for this exclusive Open House event.

“If you haven’t eaten at Datz and you live in the Tampa Bay area, you are missing out.” said Clark.

The menu was filled with some of their best dishes, including their famous Mac N Cheese bun burgers. BlueGrace and Datz also worked together to create a signature drink for special guests, the Blueberry Mule.

“The Blueberry Mule was such a hit with everyone. They were so refreshing and the perfect addition to the event menu.” said Tracy Guida, Catering Manager at Datz Tampa.

The other amazing food and beverage vendors included the Coffee Divas Mobile Catering and one of BlueGrace’s very own Sarah Sweeney, Supervisor of Credit & Billing.

“Before BlueGrace, I was a pastry chef at Jackson’s and other local bakeries.” continued Sweeney. “I have sort of become the in-house baker and I love every second of it.”

While the food and drinks were definitely a hit, we can’t forget the musical tracks that kept the party going.

Photo Cred: Dosia White Photography

DJ Papi of Wild Out Entertainment came to us as a recommendation and he did not disappoint. Our playlist in the office on a normal day, was brought to life and he did a fabulous job.” said Clark.

A Huge Thank You to Our Guests

While we certainly love throwing a party, we couldn’t do any of this without you. BlueGrace Logistics believes that we can make any business better and by providing a unique and fun space for our employees and a culture that encourages them to provide unmatched service, we can do just that.

Thank you to everyone who made it out to our headquarters office in Riverview, Florida. To our vendors, customers, employees, and partners — Thank you for all that you do!

Want to Work at BlueGrace Logistics?

Our shipments aren’t the only things going places! BlueGrace employees strive to excel at every opportunity. So we surround them with the kind of fun, positive, and creatively stimulating experiences that’ll further ignite their ambitions. If you Pursue Outrageous Goals and are Caring of All Others, apply for a career at BlueGrace Logistics.

APPLY HERE  – Today!

Open House Event Photos >> Courtesy of Dosia White Photography. 



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SAP & Transportation Integration in Consumer Electronics

SAP provides unprecedented scalability as an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) for any business. SAP means quick access to all important components of your business with the data to back it up. Many businesses tend to miss out on valuable data for what can be a major component in their transportation and logistics programs.

We have already done the hard part.

Integration is Seamless

Integrating all your shipping and freight into SAP may seem complex and time consuming but when you partner with ERP-IS and BlueGrace Logistics, you will find the transition is absolute. We have already done the hard part.

It makes for an almost “Plug-n-Play” integration

The fact that ERP-IS and BlueGrace have already spent the time and money to seamlessly integrate our systems, it makes for an almost “Plug-n-Play” integration into a customer’s SAP environment. The partnership gives the CIO, CFO, and the executive suite, the information, data, and business intelligence reports they need to make their business more profitable.

Customization for Every Partner

Every SAP customer has their own level of customization, but it is nothing that our dedicated BlueGrace Engineers haven’t seen before.  Integration within a customer’s SAP environment requires only a bit of cooperation from their IT and Transportation personnel.

Every SAP customer has their own level of customization

SAP & Transportation Integration in Consumer Electronics

In the case of a world-wide consumer electronics manufacturer that was already lined up with a shipping platform through an SAP partner, BlueGrace provided a more cost effective and efficient approach to their supply chain.

We immediately identified carrier routing opportunities

While this manufacturer was already integrated with the SAP partner, their shipping process was a bit antiquated. Our transition and onboarding process with them provided a modernized solution to preparing data and exposing inefficiencies within their supply chain. We immediately identified carrier routing opportunities that would have gone unnoticed and this ultimately resulted in a signifcant cost savings and reduction in transit time.

This ultimately resulted in a signifcant cost savings and reduction in transit time.

READ MORE about our partnership with this Consumer Electronics Manufacturer in the case study below.

SAP & Transportation Integration In The Consumer Electronics Industry









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How Do Construction Suppliers Overcome Logistics Challenges?

The MABD and Your Construction Supply Company

Construction suppliers who provide hardware and tools are under tighter compliance regulations to get the right products to the right stores or distribution centers by a certain time, or they pay a fee. Walmart suppliers now face paying a fee of 3% of the cost of goods of all deliveries after the Must Arrive By Date (MABD).

These regulations for Walmart were implemented back in early 2016, but other retailers such as Target and Home Depot have been charging these fees for some time.

Walmart suppliers now face paying a fee of 3% of the cost of goods of all non-compliant deliveries.

Your construction supply company succeeds or fails based on the constant delivery of your products. Even more so now with the MABD mandate. The timely and effective delivery of your products, is a major priority for you, your retailers and your market. How do the logistics aspects of hardware and building materials differ from other industries?

How do the logistics aspects of hardware and building materials differ from other industries?

The truth is they don’t, with the exception of specific project dates and deadlines that could be missed.

Manufacturers and suppliers that work with large retailers like Walmart, Target and Home Depot are more successful in getting their merchandise on the shelves with the proper lead time due to partnering with a third party logistics provider (3PL).

Out with the Old

Doing things the old way, is not always the best way. Once employees get comfortable in their schedule and day to day routine it  becomes difficult to change those habits and behaviors. BlueGrace Logistics has seen and learned how to explain and implement these changes. In the case study you will learn about a Hardware distributor that was drowning in manual processes and letting inefficiencies become the norm.  

Once employees get comfortable in their schedule and day to day routine, it becomes difficult to change those habits and behaviors.

How We Reduced Costs & Removed Manual Processes for Hardware Supplier

A large big box hardware supplier, based in the Midwest, was utilizing a single national carrier model. There was no GRI mitigation, or freight bill auditing. The manual task of booking shipments was taking up much of the customer support team’s day. The accounting team had no way to tell if the invoiced amount of the shipment was the same as the quoted amount of the shipment. The ways of the past were starting to catch up as volume increased and this supplier had to make a change.

This Hardware Supplier saved 13% of their yearly freight spend which added up to $260,000 annually.

Hardware Suppliers In The Construction Industry Case Study

What About Other Construction Freight?

As a successful third-party logistics (3PL), BlueGrace handles the freight for all types of construction supply businesses. This freight can be heavy, oversized loads, such as cranes and dump trucks to replacement parts and pallets of construction materials. Our first step in any relationship is what sets us apart and brings the most value to your freight and logistics team. Your current freight data is analyzed and then processed with our proprietary engineering software.

Your current freight data is analyzed and then processed with our proprietary engineering software.

This process gives your logistics team a brand new overview of your freight. From there, your team has access to the entire BlueGrace toolbox of solutions, including ERP integrations to our flagship quoting and product, BlueShip. All of these tools come with a team of logistics experts at your disposal and a constant goal to make your freight program more successful.

Would you like to talk with BlueGrace today? Feel free to call our Enterprise Group at 800.MY.SHIPPING or come see us at the CONEXPO in Las Vegas March 7-11 Booth #B9500.

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BlueGrace Logistics Launches New Branding & Logo Concept


Riverview, FL, December 12, 2016 – BlueGrace Logistics, a third-party-logistics (3PL) provider, successfully unveiled their new corporate messaging and logo design in front of over 300 employees, franchisees, vendors and partners at their 6th Annual National Conference in Tampa, Florida.

“This branding revamp has been in the works for a while…”

“This branding revamp has been in the works for a while, but the whole concept came about in a very organic way. Because of the amount of effort put into the logo change, we weren’t even sure it would happen, but now we couldn’t be happier with the final results and feedback.” said Bobby Harris, CEO, Founder & President of BlueGrace Logistics.

While the technology based 3PL stayed true to their original blue palette, the font and icon graphics have been updated…

While the technology based 3PL stayed true to their original blue palette, the font and icon graphics have been updated to give the overall feel of advancement and movement. The ellipse that was once in the center, has evolved to a two-color object at the end of ‘BlueGrace’ and suggests both the upward trajectory and depth of the current company.

BlueGrace also announced a new tagline.

Alongside the new logo announcement, BlueGrace Logistics also announced a new tagline; Passion for Logistics. The new tagline and logo are just the beginning of a full rebranding campaign for the rapidly growing 3PL.


About BlueGrace Logistics:

Founded in 2009, BlueGrace Logistics is one of the fastest growing leaders of transportation management services in North America. As a full service third party logistics provider (3PL), BlueGrace helps businesses manage their freight spend through industry leading technology, high level freight carrier relationships and overall understanding of the complex $750 Billion U.S. freight industry. BlueGrace is headquartered in Riverview, Florida with over 60 corporate and franchise locations across the U.S. For more information, visit

# # #

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Fast Facts & Predictions About ELDs – Infographic

Countdown to the ELD Mandate

The time to plan for the ELD Mandate is now!

With the new ELD compliance creeping up on the trucking and logistics industry, we thought it would be beneficial to show some fast facts and predictions about ELDs. What do you think about the new requirements?

Click the image below for a larger version or download the PDF version here and feel free to share.


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Carrier Spotlight | Old Dominion Freight Lines


OD Freight Line fits many of our Core Values. Their ability to Pursue Outrageous Goals for over 82 years, is a huge reason why we continue to work closely with them to provide our customers with complete shipping needs.

One of BlueGrace Logistics Core carriers, Old Dominion Freight line, has 226 shipping service centers, 32 transfer points, and more than 18,000 employees. OD Freight Line provides service to six major geographical regions and thousands of direct shipping points in the lower 48 States.


OD’s single-source operation helps you manage your domestic freight shipping needs with confidence and provides complete nationwide coverage across all regions of the United States.

Their Super Regional Service allows businesses to ship both inter and intra-regionally with the most competitive transit times and pricing available.

In 1934, Earl and Lillian Congdon founded Old Dominion Freight Line in Richmond, Virginia, with one truck and a commitment to keep their promises to customers. Since then, OD has turned into a global transportation leader. Today, Earl Jr. and his son, David Congdon, carry on the family tradition of doing whatever it takes to help the world keep promises.

Recently, Old Dominion was recognized with the following acknowledgements for company leadership in the industry:

  • Inbound Logistics magazine recognized Old Dominion as a 2016 Top 100 Trucker and named the company to its 75 Green Supply Chain Partners (G75) list for the sixth consecutive year.
  • For the seventh consecutive year, Logistics Management honored OD with its Quest for Quality Award.
  • SupplyChainBrain named ODFL in its 2016 “100 Great Supply Chain Partners” listing.
  • NASSTRAC honored the company as 2016 Multi-Regional LTL Carrier of the Year for the fourth consecutive year.
  • Forbes Magazine named Old Dominion one of America’s Best Employers in 2015
  • Fortune named CEO David Congdon to its 2015 Businessperson of the Year list.
  • The ATA Transportation Security Council awarded OD with its 2015 Excellence in Claims and Loss Prevention Award for the third consecutive year.
  • Mastio & Company ranked Old Dominion as No. 1 National LTL carrier for the sixth consecutive year.
  • 2015 SmartWay Excellence Award winner.
  • Commercial Carrier Journal ranked OD No. 10 on the 2015 Top 250 Carriers list.
  • Forbes Magazine named Old Dominion as one of America’s 100 Most Trustworthy Companies for three consecutive years.

Carrier Relationships

BlueGrace Logistics is always focusing on how to make each shipment, with each carrier, cost efficient. Working with carriers like Old Dominion Freight Lines is one of the many reasons we are successful in providing cost efficient and custom transportation plans for our shippers!




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The Busiest Time for Logistics – Holiday Season


Holiday Logistics Ramp-Up

The busiest time of year for retail sales will soon be upon us. Logistics during the holiday season requires a significant amount of planning. If shippers are not currently prepared, they may already be too late. Product inventories are being increased as early as August of each year in preparation for the coming rush. For products arriving from overseas on container ships – early summer is when things heat up.

Nineteen percent of consumers begin their holiday shopping in October and 40% are holiday shopping during November. The average consumer plans to spend $804 for gifts and this number climbs steadily each year.

Large retailers are already moving products into warehouses and reviewing/finalizing contracts with large fleets. The sharp increase in the volume of retail products being moved in the next few months is staggering. It is “all hands on deck” for companies looking to capitalize during this strong, but brief uptick in the economy.

Where are my trucks?

Shipping around the holidays creates a significant amount of traffic, so it’s important to keep in mind the international holidays as well. Top of mind is Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and Christmas.

If your business depends on trucks to move your products to distribution centers or retail locations, I recommend that you keep constant communication with your transportation management team during the next few months. Often they are lured away from routine shipments to help support large retailers with their increased capacity needs during the holiday rush. It is a very lucrative time for carriers who are in high demand a few short weeks.

Amazon/UPS Drop the Ball in 2013

Remember the big Amazon/UPS debacle from 2013? Many packages did not make it to their destination as promised. Frankly, Amazon sold more products then projected and UPS and other carriers could not handle the excess. They have shipped more packages in subsequent years and have not had service failures as they did during Christmas of 2013. That is mainly because of Amazon deciding to take more of a lead in response to the increased demand and securing more truck capacity then in the past.

UPS and Fed-Ex contract heavily with outside carriers prior to the holidays for extra truck capacity. They both work with large trucking companies to gain line haul support in order to move thousands of extra loads from service center to service center. The trucking companies send a good portion of their fleet over to support the package carriers.

During this time, routine shippers may have trouble securing trucks for their normal operation.

That is why the constant communication between shippers and their carriers is imperative in understanding and reassuring capacity concerns.

Things to Bear in Mind When Planning for Holiday Uptick

  1. Be Proactive – Stay in constant contact with your 3PL. Have everyone on the same page and send out your forecasting to everyone who has a part in your success. “All Hands On Deck”
  2. Go Over Last Years Mistakes and Key Wins – Compile a list of previous years takeaways. Going over the things you could have done better is an effective way to avoid making the same mistakes this year.
  3. Be Flexible – As you may know one of our Core Values is to Embrace Chaos and we strongly encourage vendors, shippers, and carriers to do the same; especially during the holiday shipping season. By constantly communicating with your 3PL and handling your shipments early, you can avoid most last minute issues.
  4. Have a Plan B – Effective supply chain execution is the difference between getting products to customers on time. Make sure you have a Plan B and are able to execute it as soon as you notice any issues with Plan A!

Shippers – there is no need to fear.

There are still many solutions to get your products delivered to the destination during the busy holiday season. I recommend that you begin a business relationship with a 3PL if you have not already. You need to begin and foster this relationship as soon as possible because they too, will be called upon heavily during the holiday season.

3PLs have access to thousands of carriers across the country that can be called upon with short notice to transport your products to their destination.

Working with a 3PL anytime of the year will improve your bottom line, but if there is any time that we urge shippers to utilize the resources of a third party logistics provider – it’s the holiday season!

Is your business ready?



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Carrier Spotlight | A. Duie Pyle

Carrier Spotlight | A. Duie Pyle

A.DuiePyle 1

A. Duie Pyle is the Northeast’s premier transportation and logistics provider, offering solutions for LTL, Truckload, Custom Dedicated and Warehousing & Distribution. Through established partnerships our service coverage extends into the Southeast, Midwest, Canada and the Caribbean. A family-owned and operated business for more than 92 years, A. Duie Pyle provides a complete range of integrated transportation and distribution services supported by 22 transportation service centers, and 9 warehouses strategically located throughout the region.

A. Duie Pyle holds the highest “On-Time  Delivery” performance for a regional core carrier in their direct service footprint.


Regional LTL Solutions

  1. A. Duie Pyle’s extensive infrastructure provides all the flexibility shippers need to meet the expectations of your customers. They operate out of over 1,100 terminal doors, with more than 1,150 drivers to meet their service commitments throughout the Northeast.
  2. A. Duie Pyle also offers extended service coverage beyond their core area through our reliable partners, Southeastern Freight Lines, Dayton Freight Lines, Midland Transport and Concord Transportation. Our time-proven relationship with these carriers is supported by similar cultures, values and goals, which always puts the customer first to assure your products are delivered safely and on time. Our partnerships produce transit times that are more reliable than the multi-regional and national carriers.

Specialized Services

Regional Flexibility in the Northeast.


Predictability is the key to delivering on their promise. You can always count on their Northeast LTL solutions for service features that meet your specific needs. A. Duie Pyle provides a full range of specialized services, from high-performing Pyle Priority Service to their 24/7 Protect from Freezing Program. All service features are integrated throughout their growing network of LTL service centers.


More Measurements. More Predictability.

A. Duie Pyle knows that customers look for a service advantage in multiple areas of performance, from on-time pick-ups and morning deliveries, to exception-free freezable protection and preventable accidents. They measure more performance metrics with precision, and issue a Quality Process report to many of our customers on a monthly basis, and they can provide one for you by request.


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Carrier Spotlight | Estes


With “On-Time, As Promised” delivery and over 85 years of regional experience, it is a no surprise that Estes is one of the core carriers that BlueGrace Logistics works with.

Combined with strategically placed terminals and a national network, Estes provides its shippers with extensive coverage, a modern and well-maintained fleet, cutting-edge technology, an extremely low claims ratio and an industry-wide reputation for excellence.

Their Guaranteed Service can be booked directly in BlueShip. Just look for the “Guaranteed Standard Service” option next to lanes serviced by Estes.

Estes BlueShip


 Estes Regional Services Feature:

  1. In-depth coverage with nearly 750 million one and two day points
  2. Six strategic service regions in the U.S. with thousands of knowledgeable employees at each hub
  3. Multiple Estes terminals in each region to efficiently support heavy shipment volumes
  4. Technologically advanced loading and delivery systems
  5. Superior transit times
  6. A comprehensive, direct service territory including Alaska and Hawaii
  7. Over 99% claims free

Need to Expedite Your Freight after it’s shipped? Estes offers an In-Transit Upgrade.

Freight Moves Fast.


Time Critical  When it comes to providing time-critical services, Estes has one of the highest success rates for on-time, as-promised delivery.

Expedited – Given their comprehensive network, some shipments other carriers consider expedited are standard, next-day deliveries for Estes.

Time/Date Definite – If you have freight that must be delivered on a specific date and/or within a short time frame, Estes has a solution. They can travel around the world on the next flight out or across the country using their asset-based ground services. You tell them the time, and they’ll get the job done.


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Carrier Spotlight | YRC Freight


Carrier Spotlight – YRC Freight

When a small business partners with BlueGrace Logistics, they automatically have access to BlueShip, one of the industry’s premier transportation management systems (TMS). BlueShip allows customers to quote a shipment, print Bill of Ladings (BOL), price out different carriers and much more. Among the list of carriers that BlueGrace works with is, YRC Freight.

BlueGrace Logistics has worked with YRC Freight since 2009 and is a national carrier that offers a unique set of services to accommodate their shippers always evolving needs.

YRC Freight LTL Services

  1. The LTL OriginalStandard Service allows for freight to be shipped safely and securely throughout their 250-plus terminal network. This service is great for shipments that have a larger window for delivery time.
  2. Faster StandardAccelerated Service is a faster and cost-competitive service that allows shipments to travel through their faster network and include their weekend advantage.
  3. Any Need. Any Speed. Guaranteed.Time Critical Service is their expedited service with customer-defined delivery dates and times. Shipments move through their fastest network and are handled by a dedicated team from start to finish.
  4. Over and AboveLogistics Solutions Service is their customized services for your most complex shipping needs. Their logistics experts tailor specific solutions for your needs, regardless of how complex or regular your shipment is.

Note to BlueShip users:

When quoting and booking through BlueShip, please note that the YRC Accelerated Service holds dynamic transit days based on pickup date. This service travels through YRC’s “Weekend Advantage” network, so if your shipment travels through the weekend, include the weekend as 1 of the transit days.

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Carrier Spotlight | Southeastern Freight Lines


Trust Your Freight with Southeastern Freight Lines

BlueGrace Logistics works with a long list of carriers to help businesses move their freight across the country, so in a series of blog posts we want to shed light on a few of our core carriers and explain the benefits that our shippers receive when they do business with us.

Southeastern Freight Lines has worked with BlueGrace Logistics since 2009 and is the largest regional carrier on the list. SEFL made their first delivery over 60 years ago and they are a quality carrier for regional LTL shipping needs.


Highest Rated Regional Carrier.

In a recent internal Carrier-Rating Survey, Southeastern Freight Lines was voted as the Highest Rated Regional Carrier for the ‘ease of doing business.’ 

BlueGrace Logistics is in the business of helping other businesses grow and what better way to do that then to ensure the carriers they work with, carry the same message of building a professional team with a serving attitude and a passion for excellence. In fact, BlueGrace’s Core Value #1 is: Be Passionate About Excellence.

Guaranteed Services Available Through BlueGrace.

Southeastern Freight Lines is a privately-owned regional less-than-truckload transportation services provider that specializes in next-day service in the Southeast and Southwest United States. Founded in 1950, Southeastern operates service centers in 13 states and Puerto Rico and also has a network of service partners to ensure transportation services in the remaining 37 states, Canada, the U.S. Virgin Islands and Mexico.



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BlueGrace National Footprint Expands to Boston with Purchase of G-Force Shipping

Boston Acquistion

Tampa 3PL Continues Momentum with Job Creation and Acquisitions

Large acquisitions are dominating the 3PL industry and BlueGrace Logistics is no stranger to progress. Over the last year, BlueGrace Logistics, a privately owned, non-asset based third party logistics provider (3PL), has gained momentum with franchise acquisitions, job creation and most recently purchasing, G-Force Shipping out of Boston, Massachusetts.

“The timing of this acquisition couldn’t be better as we both are experiencing a huge amount of success. The potential for job creation within both of our communities is on point with our current mission and commitment to growth.” Said Bobby Harris, CEO/Founder of BlueGrace Logistics.

Once a franchise of BlueGrace Logistics, Boston-based G-Force Shipping was founded in 2009 and currently employs 16 people, with over 91 partner carriers. G-Force Shipping has been unwavering in the 3PL industry and is widely recognized in the SMB market, especially in the Boston area.

“Moving our book of business over to BlueGrace Logistics will not only increase our resources, but will ultimately benefit our shippers,” Said Scott Guilbeaut, CEO of G-Force Shipping. “This transition will be an exciting one for both G-Force and BlueGrace as we increase our foothold in the freight and shipping industry.”

Job Creation and Company Culture to Continue

Not only does this acquisition bring new jobs and revenue, G-Force Shipping is a perfect fit for the BlueGrace model of a charitable and pacesetting company culture.

“G-Force brings value to our current ‘company culture’ as they have been voted as a Best Place to Work in Boston, by the Boston Business Journal.” Said Mercedes Essmann, Director of Recruiting for BlueGrace. “Their office will be an extension of our corporate location and we will continue to strive for hiring the people and not the resume.”

The acquisition of G-Force Shipping is one of many, as BlueGrace continues to become a stalwart in the logistics industry. The growth capabilities within the logistics, freight and shipping market is unprecedented and BlueGrace Logistics will continue to acquire more companies that fit their capacity for growth in the 3PL space. Visit for current job opportunities.

About BlueGrace Logistics:

Founded in 2009, BlueGrace Logistics is one of the fastest growing leaders of transportation management services in North America. As a full service third party logistics provider (3PL), BlueGrace helps businesses manage their freight spend through industry leading technology, high level freight carrier relationships and overall understanding of the complex $750 Billion U.S. freight industry. BlueGrace is headquartered in Riverview, Florida with over 60 corporate and franchise locations across the U.S.

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Do You Have Access To Your Supply Chain Data In SAP?


Are CIO’s, CFO’s and executive suite getting the supply chain business intelligence and data they need? If not there is a way to get that much needed data and even cut costs in the process with a 3PL (Third Party Logistics) integration with SAP.

BlueGrace Logistics recently visited SAP Sapphire 2016 and spoke with many executives from businesses across the world. What we found is that it is either very difficult or incredibly time consuming to get the vital data they need from the supply chain and transportation departments within their organizations. We also found that when competing 3PL’s have integrated with their ERP system such as SAP, the integration was either clunky or just did not deliver the benefits. As a 3PL, it is our responsibility to arm the executive suite with the data and business intelligence they need to make better business decisions regarding supply chain and freight.


Here is how BlueGrace approaches a 3PL ERP integration:

Discovery Call

We begin with a call to find out about your current state of your transportation management and providers. During the call the search begins to find inefficiencies and ask your team about user facing functions in the ERP, WMS, and TMS.

Questions are asked about your order placement process from the order initiation to final delivery, how costs are calculated and what the current transportation procurement methodology is and finally a review your current transportation KPI’s.

Overview Presentation

BlueGrace will perform our overview on site so we can sit down with key stake holders and share findings about what solutions we can provide. While onsite, we will also meet with the heads of key departments to learn more about your business processes. At this point the customer will present BlueGrace with a full transportation data set which we use to provide our in-depth transportation management analysis. This engineering analysis of your data is the most powerful tool we provide our customers. With these results we will help determine cost savings and consolidation opportunities.


BlueGrace will look to integrate with the current ERP system and will begin to develop the business intelligence reports and dashboards for executive leadership. At this time BlueGrace will also be developing the standard operation procedure for the day to day performance and operations of the account. Our implementation team will begin their setup and transportation procurement activities at this time.

KPIs & Ongoing Program Management

After the customer begins shipping with BlueGrace, we will have executive business intelligence KPI dashboards set up. As your new logistics partner, BlueGrace will always be searching for ways to improve your transportation management and these will be seen through your selected KPIs. The more data we process, the better we will be able to find additional cost savings and opportunities during the life of the program.

Success Through ERP and 3PL Integration

The CIO, CFO, and executive suite are now being provided the information, data, and business intelligence reports they need to make their business more profitable. Key business decisions involving your supply chain can be made for the future with confidence. If you would like to learn more about this process in further detail, please reach out today and speak with BlueGrace at 844.360.2926.

About BlueGrace Logistics:

Founded in 2009, BlueGrace Logistics is one of the fastest growing leaders of transportation management services in North America. As a full service third party logistics provider (3PL), BlueGrace helps businesses manage their freight spend through industry leading technology, high level freight carrier relationships and overall understanding of the complex $750 Billion U.S. freight industry. BlueGrace is headquartered in Riverview, Florida with over 60 corporate and franchise locations across the U.S. For more information, visit



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BlueGrace Logistics Marketing Wins Big with TMSA for Partnership with Lightning


lightning bluegrace blog_marketing award

The Transportation Marketing & Sales Association (TMSA) will award the BlueGrace Logistics Marketing team with a Compass Award this June, for their outstanding efforts in marketing their partnership with the Tampa Bay Lightning.

BlueGrace Logistics recently entered a three-year agreement, to be the “The Preferred Shipping Partner of the Tampa Bay Lightning” and with this partnership comes many opportunities for the third-party logistics provider to increase brand awareness.

BlueGrace Sees Increase in Brand Recognition with Lightning Partnership

Since the launch of the partnership in October 2015, BlueGrace Logistics has seen a significant increased brand recognition of the BlueGrace name both locally and nationally.

“The BlueGrace brand has been seen locally and nationally on TV, photographed by the official Lightning photographers, and shared on social media for the entire season.” said Adam White, Director of Marketing of BlueGrace Logistics. “The national exposure of the BlueGrace brand is huge for our fast growing company and the ongoing relationship with the Lightning has become quite special for our employees. Our two winning teams working together cannot be beat.”


Fans of any sport are typically competitive and BlueGrace employees are no different. With recruitment booths set up outside the arena and the increase in visibility at the games, BlueGrace Logistics has seen a rise in recruiting and retaining solid sales employees. These recruiting events have enabled BlueGrace to stand by its job creation commitment made  to the State of Florida and Gov. Rick Scott, and the hiring of 200 employees by the end of 2016. BlueGrace looks forward to more great seasons ahead and the opportunities it provides for our charitable, recruiting and sales initiatives.


TMSA Conference June 5-8

The 2016 TMSA-Logistics Marketing and Sales Leadership Conference will be held June 5-8 at The Ritz-Carlton in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Over the course of three days, attendees, honorees and award winners will be networking with other logistics marketing and sales executives and will attend educational sessions, listen to keynote speakers and much more. Adam White, Director of Marketing for BlueGrace Logistics, is one of four panelists to be selected to discuss Partnership and Event Strategy in the logistics industry.

About BlueGrace Logistics:

Founded in 2009, BlueGrace Logistics is one of the fastest growing leaders of transportation management services in North America. As a full service third party logistics provider (3PL), BlueGrace helps businesses manage their freight spend through industry leading technology, high level freight carrier relationships and overall understanding of the complex $750 Billion U.S. freight industry. BlueGrace is headquartered in Riverview, Florida with over 60 corporate and franchise locations across the U.S. For more information, visit


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Join BlueGrace Logistics at SAP SAPPHIRE 2016 May 17-19



Does your business use SAP? Are you planning to attend the largest SAP tradeshow in Orlando on May 17-19? BlueGrace will be there at Booth #455 with our partner ERP Integrated Solutions ready to discuss how our transportation management expertise and their SAP integration can lead to massive cost savings for SAP companies who ship.

“We are excited about the synergies this partnership brings to our existing clients and the competitive advantage for future opportunities.  Our core competencies complement each other well and we have streamlined our backend processes to present a seamless solution.” says Jason Lockard, Vice President Enterprise. “We are looking forward to discussing those opportunities to visitors at the SAP SAPPHIRE 2016 show.”

Please take the time to stop by the booth and hear more about our case studies on how BlueGrace can help reduce overall costs from your transportation program.

For more information on the show please visit

For more information on how BlueGrace can help your transportation department leverage SAP and realize significant cost reductions, please contact Jason Lockard at 844.360.2926

Day One Update – Tuesday, May 17th 2016

BlueGrace is at the SAP Sapphire show from today, May 17th to Thursday May 19th. Stop by our booth to learn more about our SAP integration partners and how we can cut costs for SAP users that ship. We have customers on hand to discuss what we have done for them and how we integrated into SAP.



Day Two Update – Wednesday, May 18th 2016

Thank you to everyone who stopped by to chat with BlueGrace on day 1 at SAP Sapphire 2016. Day 2 has kicked off and our team is at booth 455 ready to discuss how our integration with SAP can cut your shipping costs.

BlueGrace Logistics at SAP SAPPHIRE 2016 Booth 455

Day Three Update – Thursday, May 19th 2016

The SAP SAPPHIRE 2016 event is coming to a close today and what an amazing event this has been. Thank you to everyone who has come by and talked with BlueGrace Logistics.  Don’t leave early – stop by booth 455 to learn on how BlueGrace can help your transportation department leverage SAP and realize significant cost reductions.

Blog SAP 3




About BlueGrace

Founded in 2009, BlueGrace Logistics is one of the fastest growing leaders of transportation management services in North America. As a full service third party logistics provider (3PL), BlueGrace helps businesses manage their freight spend through industry leading technology, high level freight carrier relationships and overall understanding of the complex $750 Billion U.S. freight industry. BlueGrace is headquartered in Riverview, Florida with over 60 corporate and franchise locations across the U.S. For more information, visit



About ERP Integrated Solutions

ERP Integrated Solutions provides innovative solutions in support of SAP applications that help customers achieve a higher level of business performance. With a diverse collection of seasoned consulting professionals, ERP-IS provides broad subject matter expertise to deliver right-sized solutions to address business needs. For more information, visit

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Tampa Bay Lightning Are Going To The Playoffs with BlueGrace!


The employees at BlueGrace could not be more proud to be the Preferred Shipping Partner of The Tampa Bay Lightning as the team goes to the 2016 NHL Playoffs! The first game begins on Wednesday, April 13th.

An Amazing First Season As An Official Partner, We Could Not Ask For More!

BlueGrace entered into a 3 year commitment to the Lightning in October 2015. At that time we knew we were partnering with champions. As the 2015 Eastern Conference Champions finished an amazing season, they lacked only one victory- the Stanley Cup. They’re going for it again this year and have made it to the first round of playoffs against the Detroit Red Wings. The Lightning have home ice advantage with the first 2 games at Amalie Arena in Tampa.

An Amazing Season On Social Media! #BGLightning

The employees of BlueGrace have spent the entire season posting on Twitter and Facebook with the #BGLightning hashtag, supporting the team, and documenting our co-branded events for recruiting and charity. Take a look below to see how the season progressed through social media:

Onward to the Stanley Cup!

Join us as we continue to support our local NHL team throughout the playoffs until we reach the ultimate goal! #GoBolts!



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