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Behind the Wheel of a Big Rig

If you follow our CEO Bobby Harris @BobbyBG_CEO on Twitter, you’ll see that he continually warns of capacity overload and driver shortages looming. I don’t understand why people that are stuck in “dead-end jobs” do not want to become truck drivers! According to Indeed.com the average salary of a truck driver in Florida is $53,000/year and the salary index is on an upward trend.

I believe that most people typically think of drivers as long haul and that is a huge misnomer. Many drivers that work for LTL carriers go in to their home terminal in the morning, help load their van, take deliveries out in the morning, enjoy lunch, do pickups in the afternoon, unload back at terminal and then go home. These routes are very structured and the pay tends to be as well. Independent owner operators that do the long haul driving across the country have more freedom to name their own price and make more money.

These modes, in addition to railroads, have been the backbone of this country for many years and it will remain as such. President Obama spoke about how manufacturing is experiencing an uptick in the United States, which means that more American-made products will need to get from point A to B.

Can you see yourself behind the wheel of a big rig? The opportunity is there to have a career for years to come. Your future is up to you!

– Dustin Snipes, Inbound Sales Supervisor
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  1. Trucking continues to be a growing industry, and the back bone of our economy! We offer a Free Trucking Job Search for Experienced Class A and Class B Drivers. You can easily view Local, Regional, Dedicated, and OTR Truck Driving Jobs. We agree! There is More to Trucking than Just OTR. It’s a great time to be in Transportation! It’s a Great Time to be a Trucker!

  2. I agree, there are many jobs available and many more coming for truck drivers. Starting pay for trucking, up in Illinois at least, is about $36,000 right out of truck driving school. There is the potential to make more in your first year but not many will break the $45,000 mark their first year. Those that do become owner-operators will find a large increase in pay but I wouldn’t suggest this for someone right out of school.

    If you love a road trip there is money to be made in trucking.

    Drive safe,
    Tanya Bons

  3. I agree. More people should consider truck driving for a living. Companies like Schneider National have a variety of home time options that appeal to folks. It’s not just Over-the-Road anymore. Truck driving isn’t for everyone though. It takes a person with a great deal patience and pride. Keep America moving pays very well!

  4. […] Many transportation regulations are highly controversial in regard to their costs and effectiveness. Specifically, the CSA 2010 law was passed in December of 2010 and remains a top concern. According to the FMCSA, a part of the US Department of Transportation, the Compliance, Safety, Accountability (CSA) initiative is a regulation that is working to further reduce commercial motor vehicle crashes, fatalities and injuries on our nation’s highways. The trucking industry (including common carriers) feel the impact of this regulation as drivers are taken off the road due to safety concerns. Although this helps to increase safety, the loss of truck drivers due to CSA regulations has caused driver and capacity shortages. […]

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